360nobs Competitions: Win a 360Date With Praiz

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360Date is BACK after a long hiatus… Feels like 10 years! phewww!

Now, how would you like to be with the RICH and FAMOUS? You’re in the right place.

This man is often compared in the same vein as John Legend. This man is an MTN Ambassador. This man is an Award winning X3M music Recording Artiste. Last year, this man released a double album. This man’s name rhymes with amaze. Are you still guessing? Scroll down.



It’s time to WIN a DATE with Praiz



Now here’s the thing, one lucky 360nobs reader will get the opportunity to go on an expense paid lunch/dinner date with the man, Praiz (If anything extra happens, tell us… we love gist.)

To be Praiz’ lucky companion, you have to play by these rules;

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why Praiz should choose you as his date. *multiple entries mean instant disqualification*
  • For your sake, make it as creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul or dirty language* Keep it PG
  • Use a valid email address in the email address column of the comment box *do not include your email & phone details or even BB PIN…. in your comment*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on his Twitter page and other Social Media websites
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos (I dey wonder why guy go want make he choose am sha!)
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Friday, April 10, 2015. *any comments after that will not be valid *

The Oga at the top, Praiz will go through all comments and decide who he would like to go on a date with and then the 360nobs team will contact the lucky winner via email to make all the necessary arrangement.

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The Competition is NOW CLOSED!!!



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. I want Praiz should pick me his date.I really love his music because they are cool.I love his voice and his physique.
    I have been following praiz since when he was part of the contestants in MTN project fame.I just bought his recent albums,’RICH’ AND ‘FAMOUS’.Praiz is a talented musician.

  2. Simply put, it is the only opportunity he’ll ever get to meet someone as free-spirited, natural, crazy, awesome, silly, funny, happy, encouraging, accommodating, loving, lovable,naughty, nice, awesome and 150% gorgeous as me.

  3. I want Praiz to pick me his date.I really love the style of music he does they are always cool especially ‘Sisi’ which he featured Wizkid. I love his ’RICH’ AND ‘FAMOUS’which contained songs like A Woman’s Need, Super Hero, Want You Ft. King and I Miss You. Praiz is amazingly gifted and talented and I’ll really love to hangout and work with him.

  4. This would be my first time of seeing Praiz life! Never had the opportunity to do so. So, please, it’d be really great to meet a person as humble and cool and fun as i am! That’s like the celeb version of me. Love you loads even if someone else is more creative than me here:)

  5. I’d so much love and appreciate if Praiz chose me as his date.it will be the best moment i can ever have and the best thing that can ever happen to me.i love you praiz,i love everything about you.You my idol.You the best.God bless you more…

  6. Taking my chances,I have never done this,this is how it should be done.
    on the fact that,have you seen him!!!,he is tall,dark and handsome,lovely smile and is very cute.a sweet voice,I’d love to hear him speak without digital waves and just converse on things circling the universe,and if this doesn’t get me the date (hahahahahahahahaha)
    Here a little poem I wrote

    I do not know what may..
    Or why it rains in June
    Droplets or showers
    Whatever it may be..
    Have a date with me
    And you I’ll see
    It will be iridescence
    Colors that make life vibrant
    And give songs the blues……

    Am in a rhyming mood
    If you pick me
    I’ll wear something blue
    And we can dance under the moon.

  7. Don’t rili ave much words 2 put down..buh I fink iz goin 2 be a life experience 4 him..bcos der is goin 2 be sumtin totally different abt dis Date!

  8. It will be a life time opportunity to have an encounter with one who is a professional in his own career/field. I will be most grateful, happy if given the chance to interact with him face to face. Thank You #360nobs #Praiz #X3M Music.

  9. The thought of having a date with praiz gives me butterflies. If it happens, when it happens, it would 4ever be a treasured memory in my heart. I am and will always be ur number 1 fan nomatter what.

  10. well all I just have 2 say is,I personally like him as a person,luv his music n also his physique he is a cool guy,I wish u meet him in person so dat we could n chat and all that,am sure its going to be fun,thats only if I win and get to see him,I know is really goin to be fun,cus I love meetin great people its means alot 2 me

  11. I want to go on this date with Praiz just because im single and I can…Lol..just kidding. I don’t know much about him as an individual but from my past encounter with him,I can tell that he’s a gentle man! Not something I can say about a lot of Nigerian artist/perfomers out there. This one is cut from a different cloth. Pick me okay…lol.. cheers.

  12. Funny enough I never knew who praiz was until I saw him on hiptv(music everywhere)where you went to the bank to do what a big brother got to do for family,I was like wow such simplicity,down to earth and humble.anywayz I don’t really need the date but just want to commend your effort and your zeal to make it big in the industry. Finally I love your songs especially rich and famous.cheers

  13. Praiz is indeed a perfect gentle man!
    He has a very good heart, and he’s loved by many.. His voice give me chills and I would love to hear him sing live..
    It would be an honour to dine with him.

  14. I want to go on a date with praiz because he has affected many lives positively with his music unknowingly, this makes him an innovator and a success. simply put, a date with him would educate me on how to be a success. And this will increase the number of successful men in the country.

  15. I have liked Praiz’s songs for as long as I can remember. I adore his fashion sense, the way he pours out his heart into his songs and im in love with his voice omg like I literally blush listening to his songs.
    It would be an honour to just have a sit down with him and really get to know the man behind that amazing God’s given voice.

  16. Lmao… Wow.. Praiz, you sure do have lots of female fans that I’d have to contend with. Phew! I’m sure a lot of them will take it up with prayer and fasting. Lmao… Can’t believe I’m doing this but what the hell… Let’s give it a try. It would be fun to just meet up and hangout like normal people do aside from your music and all. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love music, I appreciate the artistic side of music and i for sure enjoy your music. But I think I’d just want to know who Praiz really is aside from music and just enjoy the moments as they are being spent. #turndownforwhat?! Lol P.S my birthday is on the 11th I’m hoping this year, it would be extrodinary. So if I do win? Well that would be extraordinary.$fingers crossed… May the best lady win!Ciao!

  17. I really dont have much to say and i dont know if anyone will read dis comment or if i will eva go on a date wit praiz but one tin i know is dat if i can go out on a date wit praiz its going to be a wonderful experience for me,i hope u pick me

  18. I want to go on a date with praiz cause I’ ve got a crush on him,going out with him would b a fantasy come true.

  19. Why should praiz pick me?
    I Have had the hugest crush on praiz for like forever and going on a date with him only means i get to know him better.

  20. I’ve never done this before but it doesn’t hurt to try (lol) .So I’ve had a big crush on Praiz since like forever! Everyone around me knows that.Met you briefly once,was grinning sheepishly throughout that day, Lol.Think it would be awesome and cool to go on a date with you.:)

  21. …i love d way he smilez…he sure knows how to smile very well…so y shouldnt i like a smiling face?….he says he knows how to make peepz smile…it will b a very big pleasure to see praiz smiling and also also a wonder feeling knowing that he made me smile also.

  22. It would be a dream come true if i am selected. Praiz is a unique and talented guy with great musical stage presence. I have been a fan of his for almost 2 years now and he so much reminds me of what classical rhythm and blues feels like. Listening to his voice gives me goose bumps and makes me forget all the stress i had during working hours. Praiz is indeed very special and his voice simply amazing. I would really feel blessed and forever cherish the moment if i am being selected. Thank you.

  23. As a kid up till dis moment, I’ve neva won anything! Everything in my life i’ve worked hard for. I luv yu praiz, ur music, yu inspire me to be better nd stronger, am awesome in my own way nd I can’t wait to show yu.

  24. As a kid I’ve neva won anything, everything in my life I worked hard for. I luv yur music, personality, style nd am awesome in my own way!! I hope I win dis date cos I’ll be de luckiest girl on earth.

  25. Praiz was my first and still my only Nigerian star crush since project fame.. dude voice is just super nice it amused me that I tripped and tripped over again..lol.. got the chance to be serenade by him sometimes in 2013 on phone ( one of the lucky ladies he selected through twitter).. and it was one of my best night ever.. having a big smile right now remembering hearing him at the other end of the call… a meeting with him will be an experience of a life time cos i know it will be a chance to be serenade for, physically and not over the phone.. lol..and I wouldn’t mind a meeting with Praiz as a birthday gift… #TeamAries #dreamsdocometrueibelieve.. #notaskingfortoomuch

  26. April 8 is my birthday, I don’t get out often coz of school(I’m in my final year) in fact coz of many things. would love to be the envy of all them school girls…lol

    The past few weeks have been nothing but hectic, stressful and somewhat depressing so I guess winning an all expense paid dinner or lunch will calm my nerves and make me have a smile broader than my shoulders again.

    I hope someone who deserves it wins anyway.
    Ms Dee

  27. Oh well… Anyone and I mean anyone(females and males inclusive) would be delighted to meet a celebrity. But this is not just any celebrity.. Hello this is Praiz. Now to my reason..my heart is racing and only Praiz does that. This cannot be reason enough but the truth is I would be glad if my application is given due consideration.PS:I may not survive the date that’s if I win so paramedics should be on the side.. Oshey in advance for making this sisi rich and famous

  28. Praiz for me i just want to see a longtime no see friend. I bring you greetings from mr perfect our secondary school football coach and all CAC friends. We all love you and always proud to tell people you are one of us. Bro just bone that thing my guy gist full ground. One love and mind you the world is yet to to see the best of u

  29. Praise should choose me as his date because his important to my life I want to know the difference between his musical life and who he really is out of the musical world.

  30. When I saw this I literarily screamed… Yaaas! Opportunity of a lifetime?A real date? With the man behind that voice that makes me forget my village name? Are you kidding me… I can forget my surname sef for the whole day for this date. My kinsmen will have my pix up on the “wall of fame”for as long as I live….lolz.I love good music,movies and love dancing,mayb I’ll teach you a step or two 😉 but praiz er…no osama beards in our selfies, ok? 😉 can’t wait

  31. Hey!
    The reason I would like to be chosen for the date with Praiz is that it would honestly make my year hey. I had missed his performances whilst here in SA due to school but I hope that by entering I would then meet him and just get to talk – get to know more about it and so on AND be goofy you know, LOL! Take ridiculous pictures and videos on SnapChat – HAVE FUN!
    Thanks! ♡

  32. One word: u were born a star so it does not matter if you take me on a date or not u ar wat you ar nobody can change it. so just remember wenever the going gets ruff that you are a star

  33. Okay! Since 2008 when you ran for mtn project fame .. I admired you. Then when I heard a woman’s need and the cover for stay by rihanna
    .. My brain was bursted.. Lol. it was then I felt the richness in your voice.. I love your music and your personality.. You are good looking and who won’t want to have a date with Nigeria’s john legend??

  34. Errrrrmmmmm……I want to go on a date with Praiz so I can finally have closure and stop screaming and acting crazy when I see him on my screen or hear his voice.
    P.S: they’re checking me into a room in the psychiatric hospital if I scream or swoon one more time; they think it’s spiritual

  35. Cos I don’t Really know U and it’d be an awesome idea going on a date with a total stranger. As a celeb’ bet u already used to ladies acting weird cos dey already know u, without d thought of U being a celeb in my head, it’d b nice to go on a date and act like normal people Dan me having butterflies throughout d time.

  36. There is just this one person you think is so cool, gentle and easy going among a host of others. I think it is praiz. Meeting him and interacting with him will mean just sooooooo much to me. Then again I want him to sing to me. Maybe some extreme dreams come true

  37. Just the thought of having a date with praiz..makes me smile all day…if he gets to pick me I’ll be smiling 360 days…

  38. I’ve always wanted 2 see Praiz cos am a vry big fan of urs until day mtn tour brought him down 2 Owerri. I actually forgot dat i ws a girl and entered the crowd jst 2 get to d front. U knw hw boys behave nah, dey pressed n pressed my boobs n butt bt i din’t give up. Dey stole my brand new Samsung S3 dat night. Upon everything dat night, i ended up nt touching him. Twas a great loss o! Even if it’s jst 2 see u n shake hands with u, i wud jump at it. Please me dis opportunity.

  39. Praiz has a God given talent which everyone would want to tap into.I don’t just want to go on a date with him, but I wish to know how he has been able to make it this far, challenges and trails of being gifted.even if I don’t get to talk with him now I would do some time later.You are an epitome of God’s grace and blessings.

  40. One Friday evening I got a CD from a friend to listen to and I did throughout my drive home and I kept trying to decipher the voice Because it was at night. I was certain it was a foreign artiste until I got to track 8 – rich and famous ever since then i haven’t stopped playing his songs! I would love a chance to meet this artiste that thrilled me for several weeks now!

  41. Each time I hear praiz sing, I become happier. I want to go on a date with him to see if he’s human or an angel. plus I need to take a photo which I’ll frame and I’ll surely tell my grand children the story.

  42. meeting priz is nt sumtin to die 4, bt if he picks mi, am sure he will neva remain d xame#whocares

  43. Praiz…I will very much lyk to go on a date with u kos I LOVE YOU!!! I love ur person, ur songs , ur style…nd I usually dnt crush on celebs, buh i guess derz smfng abt ur “heartbeat” song dat actually makes my tender hrt beat weneva I listen to the song or see u on tv. I could go on nd on nd on! Can’t wait to win Kos I always do, looking forward to the date… See ya soon!

  44. A lot of transformation has happened in his life over the years…. from paradise (used to b my anthem) to rich n famous(one song I cant get over) I have a lot of questions to ask… plus I think I am really curious about his personality… is he fun? is he as cool as his songs? is he boring? will it be a date to remember?

  45. They say that every musician is the same but how come yours is far from being the same?
    You just cant help but be different,but thats okay because I alone know howfar your uniquness is from being the same.
    Being unique isnt about being the most sheak,its you on your peak of being one.
    Someone who isnt just any sole,but someone who is amazing in the soul
    Your ways of singing is what makes you so special and who you are.
    Your imperfections are what make you perfectly you
    For all these reasons i would be the most imperfect perfect girl to go on a date with you

  46. Message…….live is all abt meeting pple….either high or low personalities they is alway sumtin to learn….n dats wats up…………..st.otb

  47. Well, apart from the fact that I know that it’s going to be one hell of an experience, I would love to see the priceless look on my twin sister’s face when she finds out that I would be hanging out exclusively with Praiz.. So pick me Praiz because i’m a die hard fan of living the dream.

  48. It would be nice to meet him and understand him more and his work. Also because He seems like a humble person , easy to get on with and has love for his fans and makes them feel part of his journey.

  49. I would love to go on a date with praiz because I look up to him as a mentor,role model and an inspiration.Am a die hard fan and his music inspires me his excellent delivery of hit tracks like the video collaboration with bez “that stupid song”featured n MI”epic” where he brought special touch and unique voice to the track.i also find these songs inspiring”I love you” “jekolo” “rich and famous” “mercy” “oshey” “sisi”ft Wizkid;the hook was perfect”
    A date with praiz would be fabulous knowing his a down to earth person;but if I don’t get chosen I remain his”die hard fan”,lover of his BEARDS and I look forward to becoming like him someday.@praise ugbede Adego.tanx….

  50. Mr praiz-have always admired you as a person and as a musician.your song rich and famous was my ever green for months, I played it over and over again;your physique, style and attitude makes you stand out and these are some of the attributes I love about you. I would be so glad to go out on a date with you it would be like a dream come true. I would love to sit, talk and laugh with you, spending a day and knowing what’s more to praise adego than just praiz. But if I don’t get this wonderful chance, I want you to know that there is someone out there that admires the things that you do….

  51. I see you as a unique guy with an awesome personality,going out on a date with you would be one of the most memorable moments of my life,I thought I was dead when I heard rich and famous till you blew me up with mercy, sisi,.the way you sing the way you carry your fans along,sense of style and attitude these are the true definition of awesome,which makes you gain more followers than lovers you are a preserved person and I adore that fact.i would be so glad,extremely happy I got this marvelous chance to b with you…..

  52. Praiz should choose me as his date because I am beautiful,intelligent,neat and well mannered.got imperfections tho;ya of course no one is perfect.i have always been looking forward to seeing praiz I got this huge crush on him and I think this is going to be the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.i really do love his manly attitudes,down to earth personality,humbleness,his respect for ladies,his manner of dressing,his smile,his neat looking beards and to top it all his style of music;his a star no one lied..I love and respect him.so I hope to wine and dine with him.tanx.

  53. I’d love to go on a date with Praiz because I like him beyond his spectacular voice and music. I’m a football freak,a Barcelona fan precisely and I know he’s a Barcelona fan as well. I sing too,not professionally but I’m sure I can learn a lot from him. It’s that simple. I was also inspired by his success after Project Fame. Though he didn’t win,he’s having a very good career. I’m really not a very outgoing person,but I’m fun in my own way.

  54. I have seen praiz on TV several times, i have heard his sonorous voice and i want to physically hear him speak. i want to have a feel of his physical presence cos i love him so much, i love his voice, his lyrics, his music, his carriage, smile, dressing, and personality. I hope to be given a chance to meet Mr “Rich and Famous”. . Looking forward to receiving an invite for a date with Praiz. Thank you.

  55. I would love to be the one to go on a date with praiz because it would be awesome to spend time with him. He’s a talented musician, his voice is amazing, he’s easy on the eyes and he’s so nice and down to earth (met him once). It would make such an awesome memory for this yr and I don’t know if it’s ridiculous to hv a crush on a celeb but I think I hv a crush on him. Go praiz!

  56. For one, I think I’m funny ;P Also, I love your sound–the lyrics, the beats, your voiceee! I would love to have a normal conversation with you about just anything. The thing is, we’re kind of aIready friends (looool, I kid). You followed me back after I tweeted about your cover to Stay..too beautiful. Oh, and once when you came to Ibadan for some mtn concert you invited my friends and I on stage. It was epic! I hope you pick me even though I know you have many other loyal fans as myself.

  57. I know its long but just read carefully i assure you its not the same thing everybody is writing

    went through some of the comments and they are pretty interesting hehehe!!! Good to know you have great fans. Once upon a time in Jan you launched a campaign to raise money for a baby Somaya Olayinka who had a heart condition which was great as God used you as a blessing in her life. I don’t know if you are a crazy person behind closed doors, I don’t know if you are easy going, I don’t know if you are as gentle as you look why? Because I have not met you and I don’t know much about you apart from the praise we see on Teli or hear on the news and some little interesting gist I have heard about you like wen you played band in the church in K.D and some one got healed or something like that but that was truly Gods hands in you life. I did not want to write this but I did because it was stated that you were gong to read the comments yourself and wanted you to know this about yourself that You are talented, unique, fine, you have done what others were not able to ,and the list goes on but in all of this May God bless and keep you and may you accomplish the plans he has for your life amen!!! And by the way I am not writing this because I want to go on a date with you don’t get me wrong I can go but i am not in Lagos and i cant start transporting my self. peace bro

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