Wendy Williams Calls Karrueche A Gold Digger As She Calls Out Oprah

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During a recent episode of her show, Wendy Williams took a direct hit at Oprah Winfrey. Speaking about Karrueche’s interview on Oprah’s network, Wendy called Oprah out for going against her own promise to never do reality shows,

“Oprah, what has happened to you. Now look Oprah, not for nothing. When you first got OWN, you said you weren’t going to do reality TV and meanwhile, you have nothing but ratchetness. Oprah, welcome to the basement. It’s nice down here, huh?”

Then Wendy Williams went on to discuss how pointless she thought Iyanla VanZant’s interview with Karrueche was and ended up calling Karrueche a ‘thot’ and a gold digger.

“We know why Karrueche was with Chris Brown. She claims she was with Chris because of his nice personality or whatever. She was with Chris because she was a THOT who was after a dollar. Are you serious? Right? I mean, this is not exactly a girl who has her own business and her own coins. That’s the stupidest question to ask a girl of this nature. Like why is she with a celebrity who is wealthy…duh…for a come-up!

My thing with Karrueche, and we can’t blame her, there aren’t enough rooms at Harvard for everybody. There are some girls who have to date to come up.

Karrueche, you’re 26 years old and it’s time you work on yourself because she’s a cutie but ‘cute’ only last for this long. Cute girls are a dime a dozen and there are girls in the audience cuter than you



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  1. Omg really Wendy is such a bitch with her man looking ass like yall hating ass people don’t have anything better to do but bash Chris brown and karreuche like stfu let them be any ps. She’s not cute she’s beautiful. Looks better than yo man looking ass !

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