Wedding Trend Alert! Nigerian Brides, Guests & The White Gele

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Aso-ebi used to be a way to bring colour into the wedding, I remember traditional weddings being very colourful; from the traditional attires to the beads, even the make-up. With time, things have however taken a different turn, I think it started off with the make-up. Do you remember the time when double coloured eye-shadow applications were the in-thing? That changed, and it became one colour for the eyeshadow. After various transitions for the aso-ebi and headties we made it here-Neutral colours, white to be more specific.

I remember how Nigerian twitter went crazy when Tiwa Savage chose an all white ensemble for her traditional wedding. People went crazy, but  several others have jumped on the trend. 8

While, the all white traditional traditional attire has not been fully embraced, several brides and guests have bought into the white gele aspect.


What are your thoughts? Do you miss the good old days of coloured head-ties/geles/aso-ebi’s or do you like the white/neutrals  better? Also, do you think the all white traditional attire would ever be a trend?

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