Ways You Can Have No Strings Attached Sex (2)

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So, the last time out, we talked about some great things you can do to have sex only with nothing else attached. Some of these ideas included picking the right girl, making it clear that all you want is sex and never acting like a boyfriend. We shall continue in the same vein as we bring up more excellent ideas that will guarantee you sex and nothing more.

Remember not to talk too much
It’s always important to keep your words simple. Never be boastful to her of your sexual achievement as women are top of the class when it comes to reading between the lines and as such you should be too. Statements like ” Why don’t you come over so we can f*#k?” Or ” I want you just for sex and nothing more. ” are very belittling and will only make her be on the defensive as she tries to protect her pride. For this reason, it’s better to watch what you say or better still, say nothing as she pretty much has an idea of what exists between you guys.

Be very discrete
Total discretion is needed if you’re to get away unscathed. Despite the “I don care attitude” of this generation, a lot of girls are still appalled with the thought of their friends thinking they are sluts especially regarding having casual sex with people they know little about or outside their existing relationship. For this reason, it is important that she’s comfortable with the idea that you will not rat her out and that what’s going on between you two will remain a secret.
Banish any thought of bragging about how easy you got her to your friends. This is especially important if you both have same friends or acquaintances as if a knowledge of this comes to her notice, then that’s the end of your free ride. You’d have to ask yourself if you want the hails and pride from spilling the beans or if the free sex is more important.

Ensure the sex is awesome
Well, since the only thing you are offering her is sex, it is important to be at the top of your game. The sex must be mind blowing for her to always want to come back to you. Well, if you’re not excellent, you can at least try to make it better than the ones she has had previously or from every other one readily available to her. The key to ensuring the sex is awesome is to be in excellent physical shape. This can be achieved by regular push ups and jogging. You can then proceed to give her sex that she’d always remember. In this way, you’d keep her yearning for more.

More so, having a no strings attached partner gives you the opportunity to explore the inner recesses of your mind for sexual fantasies which conventional girlfriends might frown at. These type of women enjoy it and it is guaranteed to keep them in awe of what you have up your sleeves next. She would be happy to learn that you’re the kind of man who doesn’t judge her and one which she can be free with and explore her own innate sexual fantasies with. This will definitely ensure you keep her for a long while.

Accept that she may be sleeping with other guys, and that one day she will stop sleeping with you
You should obviously know that since you are noncommittal, she could be seeing other people and probably sleeping with them too. Stick to not asking and never lose sleep on the issue. Ensure you always have your condoms handy as it shouldn’t really matter if she’s sleeping with other guys provided your share of the honey pot is kept intact.

Lastly, always have it in mind that what you have with her will come to an end as the relationship is based on frivolities. It is important you enjoy the moment and accept once the end comes. Know that some girls are worth spending your lifetime with while others are meant to be with you only for a while and thus, Never get attached to her emotionally.

However, complications may occur and she may transform in a girlfriend which is if you really do like her. You may allow this if you’re magnanimous enough to accept her shortcomings, if not, it is completely unnecessary.



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