Ways You Can Have No Strings Attached Sex (1)

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For a lot of men that are still in the game, getting to have sex with a lady without any form of emotion or expectation is the apex of being a player in the game. It is apparent that a lot of complications could arise as a result of having sex but the thrill that comes with getting easy sex, especially if it comes from a hot and pretty girl dampens any form of thought of a complicated aftermath.

However, this doesn’t mean that all we men want is sex as quite a number of us want the jot that comes with having a relationship. We however sometimes want an uncomplicated situation where both parties enjoy the mutual benefits of sexual intimacy which is preferable to the complications that come along with serious relationships.

So, if you as a guy are interested in getting a girl that will provide “no strings sex” and wondering how you can sustain an uncomplicated relationship with her, the following tips are guaranteed to provide relative success in your endeavour.

Ensure you pick the right girl
The first thing you should have at the back of your mind is that not all girls are the same. The stage at which the girl is and the circumstances surrounding her at the moment will have a great effect on whether she’s a candidate for “No strings attached sex”. Generally, girls that are in their early twenties are relatively more carefree and have very little concern regarding the ticking of their biological clocks. They are good candidates for casual and adventurous relationships and are thus ideal. More so, girls that recently ended their relationships are also ideal picks. The reason for this is that they want to have sex but are not strong to go through the emotional turmoil they had in their previous relationship and as such will easily opt for casual sex.
The women folk are biologically wired to be horny and almost all love sex. The only thing that is needed on your part is to be the right guy at the right place and time.

Show from the start that all you want is sex
This might be a little difficult, but ensure that you make it clear from the onset that all you want is sex and nothing more than that. Try as much as possible not to act as if you want a potential loving relationship. Ensure that you make it explicitly clear during conversations that you want her body not her emotions. For instance, if she says she’s in a relationship, simply tell her that ” I have no intentions of stealing you away from him.” This will pass on the message that you’re interested in her but don’t want the complications associated with a relationship.
Moreover, it is essential you make a move for sex by the second or third date at the latest. This is so because neither of you are assessing the others suitability as an ideal spouse but are looking to get on to knowing if either is a source of sex that would satisfy your both your cravings without complications.

Never act like her boyfriend
It is pertinent you watch the way you behave around her the first few times as this will help her assess what part of her life she wants you to be in. Avoid doing things that Boyfriends do such as making her a meal, buying her gifts and taking her out as not doing these things will make her realise what you really want. It’s cool for you to call her and request she comes over to your place without prior notice. Take note however not to call her often in quick succession and ensure you do not ask about other guys she may be seeing.
This however doesn’t mean you both can’t have fun together as you can take her for a walk or drinks and talk about what’s happening in your professional lives then go home after that and have awesome sex. But make sure you spell it out that the reason for going out is not to socialise but to have sex.

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