Tyga Got Served In The Most Unkind Way Possible So Why Do We Find It Funny

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YMCMB Rapper and Kylie Jenner’s undeclared boo, Tyga yesterday launched his line of sneakers and it would interest you to know that the cameras weren’t the only things flashing.

Something else was flashed…

And they were court papers.

That might not be funny because people get served all the time in the U.S

However, we can explain why Tyga’s own is funny as hell.

After Tyga, 25, took his place at the table where his sneakers were displayed, autographing newly purchased sneakers, a fan, who had queued for two hours and who had purchased a pair showed up to the table.

But he was not alone.

He came with just purchased sneakers he wanted to autograph and court papers.


The Rapper is reportedly owing over 90,000 dollars in back taxes and for this reason, he has been served.

His fan, goes ahead to serve him the court papers, stands by him and then they both pose for the camera like nothing has happened.



Funny and handled like a boss, don’t you think?

Because we certainly think so.



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