Two Faced Bitch? Giuliana Rancic Reveals Her Thoughts On Kelly Osbourne

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Guess Giuliana wouldn’t be sending Kelly Christmas cards this year and vice versa.

The two co -hosts of the hit E! show Fashion Police might be done with their friendship for now.

Earlier this year, Kelly Osbourne quit Fashion Police after she felt irritated and angry over comments she believed were racially induced towards her very good friend, Zendaya Coleman, by Giuliana Rancic.

Rancic went ahead to apologize publicly for her statement which she believed was taken out of context but her friendship with Osbourne was not to be the same again.

Kelly recently tweeted “Liars always get caught” which was believed to have been a dig at her former co-host.

When asked by Access Hollywood how she felt about all of it, Giuliana said when the whole Zendaya situation first happened, Kelly called her and told her they would go through everything that happened together.

But she later behaved directly opposite and even sent “cryptic tweets on twitter.”

Oh well…

As for Fashion Police, Giuliana says it would return in September in time for the Emmys.

We can’t wait!



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