This Guy Is Suing “Empire” For A Billion Dollars! Says They Stole His Life Story

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First it was 50cent who came for the show, then Diddy’s son said he was offered a role and then Monique claimed she was supposed to play Cookie.

Looks like for as long as this show remains on here, there would be different people and different demands or accusations.

Ron Newt, the man who is suing the hit Fox show claims that he ran into the show’s star, Terrence Howard a few years back, discussed his documentary, Bigger Than Big, and they agreed to Terrence playing him in the film.

What Newt might be forgetting is, Terrence did not script Empire, Lee Daniels and Daniel Strong created the show and Terrence would never have come on board if Taraji Henson who plays Cookie did not insist on him.

Ron Newt is however not going to slow down because according to him a few things are the same in his book/documentary and Empire.

Some of them including, Lucious shooting his bestfriend which mirrors a scene where a character in the book shoots an old friend, Cookie wearing a hat, China Doll (a character that Cookie is supposedly based on) wearing a hat and four drug killers getting shot.

Whether or not Ron Newt’s lawsuit would go anywhere is a subject of interest.

We would wait and see.

Source: TMZ



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