Things A Man Should Do Before He Is Thirty (2)

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Last time out, we talked about some amazing things that every guy below 30 is expected to have done. Some of these things include knowing how to drive, dance, swim, going on a road trip and starting your own business. We would be looking at more interesting things that you are expected to do before this milestone age as they would form the memories of your old age.
Moreover, if you are getting close to your thirtieth birthday and you’re yet to do these things do not fret as there is still ample opportunity for you to participate in these events. Some other amazing things are highlighted below.

Make love by the sea
This is all about getting the crazy part of you out and doing the unthinkable that you can look back on in the future and say “damn! I was crazy”. Making love by the sea is the dream of most ladies and as a guy, you owe her the duty of performing this untamed obligation. There’s a caveat here though, make sure you’re alone as you may get arrested for public indecency.

Build and Repair
Every guy in his formative years has tried his hands on a bit of construction or dismantling. Whichever the case may be, ensure that you have tried out your hands on mending a broken fence, repairing faulty electrical devices or fixing broken things around the house. These actions help to eschew your manly attributes.

Host a memorable party
Well, it is quite important for you to have hosted a party that will be a point of reference for friends in years to come. We are talking of parties where there are significant happenings that would become exaggerated in years to come.

Tell someone special you love them
If you’re nearing 30, and you’ve never said “I love you” to someone and truly mean it, it probably means you’ve been locked up without interactions. It is important for you to have showed your emotions and be attached emotionally to people before this. We hope you would have at least found someone to express your love to as it is a part of modern life to express your emotions.

Overcome a fear
Well, everyone of us have something we are scared of which we all should overcome as we grow older. Before you are 30, you should have identified a particular fear of yours and found ways of getting over them. Whether, it is a dear of heights, enclosed places or swimming, take a bold step and participate in that activity you fear the most as that is a way of overcoming them.

Stay awake all night
Either to make free calls to that loved one, party all night or to complete series of movies, you should have found a worthy cause to stay awake all night. You will look back on what made you stay awake 20 years from now and wonder where all the energy went.

Donate to a worthy cause
Donating to a worthy cause will help bring out the humanity in you, even as you realise that material wealth is vanity and meant to be enjoyed for only a short time. You will realise as time goes by that money comes and goes and whatever you give will sooner or later come back to you. So, making a difference in the lives of people is something you should do before you’re 30.

Eat a weird meal
This might sound crazy, but you have eaten something very weird that you can’t help but wonder what you were thinking when you did so.

Drive an amazing car
We talked about you knowing how to drive; this time around, we expect that having mastered the art of driving, you will proceed to drive an amazing car before you’re 30. It could be a high speed vehicle like a Ferrari or a powerful Sports utility vehicle (SUV). The essence is to unleash the wild side within.

Seen another country
This might be tough for some folks, but if you can, experience life from the point of view of a different race, culture and way of life. This will help broaden your horizon for the future.

Go Camping
Either as a scout in your younger days or an adventurous youth, we hope you would have experienced the connection to mother nature through camping activities.
Ok, that’s it for things a man should do before he is 30, we hope our readers have participated in most, if not all of these activities. If you haven’t, you can create a checklist and tick off what you’ve achieved while having a reminder of what you’re yet to do.




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