Things A Man Should Do Before He Is Thirty (1)

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Are you getting close to the golden number 30 on the face of the earth? There are certain things mother nature expects that you should have done before you reach that milestone. It is our belief that a lot of the male folk always seem to limit themselves to certain activities but I bring an array of things we expect all males to have participated in or gone out of their way to do. This is made more true because once you’re 30, there are added responsibilities heaped on your shoulders and as such you might not have as much time to indulge in activities considered frivolous.
For this reason I present a checklist of things I think you should have done before you’re 30.

Give up your seat
Well, this is very important especially in the formative years of a man. You have to have given up your seat on a crowded bus to an elderly person, lady or pregnant woman. Nothing defines or makes a man more than good manners. Giving up your seat even when not comfortable for you helps build your compassion and resilience for the battles you’d face in the years to come.

Go on a road trip
It is important to take at least one road trip before you’re 30. Get out of your immediate environment and comfort zone and see other parts of the country. The destination could be anywhere you’re not familiar with and just follow where mother nature leads you to. Where you will stay might not be pre-booked, just go with your intuition.

Learn how to drive
Most males are able to conquer this challenge but nonetheless it is important to be able to master the art of driving before you’re 30.

Score the winner in a sport game
It is expected that before you’re 30, you would have participated in one sporting event or the other. What is more important for you to have achieved is to be the decider in one of these events. This could be taking the winning shot in a basketball game or scoring the deciding goal in a penalty shootout out. It will be an event you can always refer to when discussing with your friends in years to come and one you can look back on and be proud of yourself for.

Know how to dance and dance with a stranger
For the geeky and the shy ones, it is pertinent for them to learn how to dance even if it is to make few signature moves that can get them applauded. The few dancing moves you’ve learnt doesn’t matter in as much as you’ve taken it a notch higher by dancing with a stranger. This can be at a club or while you take a road trip to an unfamiliar place, the most important thing is dance with someone you’re not acquainted with. This will come in handy as you get older and you find yourself in unavoidable “dance situations”.

Try out singing and Rapping
Well, if you passed through the teenage and youthful years and you’re yet to try out singing and rapping, then you sure must add it to your to do list. Years from now when your kids are all grown, you can tell them how you were a member of a rap group or band that didn’t really do well.

Make your own cocktail
You should most definitely have done the youthful cocktail mix irrespective of how the mix tastes. It will be something to brag about in the years to come.

Catch, kill and cook a meal
If you ever went through university or college in this clime and you never participated in catching; killing and cooking a domestic animal and you’re not yet thirty, you’ve got limited time to try out this adventure. There is definitely something enthralling about this adventure especially when you add taking crops directly from the earth. Try it out before you’re thirty.

Start your own business
Be it a little selling business on the side or a business of yours where you work full time, it is important that you start your own business before you are 30. All the men on Forbes such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote all started from humble beginnings. And who knows, you just might be the next.

Learn how to swim
This might not be so important to some but if you don’t know how to swim yet, it is better you learn how to do so before you’re 30. And when you’ve mastered it you can take a high dive into a pool just to show off.

To be continued…



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