Thierry Henry Criticizes Javier Hernandez For Celebrating Without Cristiano Ronaldo

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Shy Sports’ Thierry Henry has slammed Real Madrid’s on-loan striker, Javier Hernandez for celebrating without Cristiano Ronaldo after he scored in last night’s 1-o win over Atletico Madrid.

A very selfless assist from Ronaldo had given Hernandez the space to poke the ball into the post, and Chicharito ran off to the corner flag to celebrate the goal.

Henry claimed the Manchester United loanee celebrated like he “won the World Cup”, and that he should have gone back to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I don’t know about his future there,” Henry said of the diminutive striker. “To be fair to him he doesn’t usually play.”

“Tonight was his opportunity and we don’t even know if he’s going to play after that.”

“He had a couple of chances in the game before that but I can tell you he can thank Ronaldo tonight.”

“I know he went on to celebrate alone and everything but he can thank Ronaldo. For me, he has to.”

“That is, for me, Ronaldo’s goal. What I don’t like after [the goal] is it seems like he won the World Cup [with his celebration]. Turn around and celebrate with Ronaldo.”



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