These Fans Aint Loyal: Rapper, Plies’ Fan Tosses Him Off The Stage During Performance

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When you pay for a show and get two.

Akon might jump on his fans from time to time during performances but Plies is not about that life.

And even when he is tossed in there, he gets back on his feet (literally), continues rapping and acts like nothing happened.

We reported days ago how Tyga handled being served at his own shoe launch like a boss and today we are reporting how rapper, Plies handled being tossed into the crowd, like a boss.

The Rapper, while performing to a huge crowd last night in Florida, invited a fan on stage.

But this was not about to get all celebrity and fan love as the fan began to move too close and prompted the rapper to say he (the fan) was in his place.

This must have angered his fan because guess what? He threw Plies into the crowd!

These fans aint loyal.

Plies, then, leaves the crowd, gets back on stage and continues to perform like nothing happened.

Security then escorted the fan off the stage.
Oops! Awkward!



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