The King’s Speech: The AY Show’s Joke On Boko Haram Victims Was Distasteful, Vile & Insensitive

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A joke about the killing of the Boko Haram victims in the AY Show was a totally horrible judgement call.

Where you at The AY Show which happened last week? Probably not. In the AY Show, there was a reenactment of INEC’s announcement of the Presidential election results and it was hilarious. It is admirable how AY who was playing Professor Jega took a back seat and let other comedians play the lead roles. It is probably because AY’s genius does not really lie in his funniness but his entrepreneurial creativity, but nonetheless, still admirable.


The reenactment had the highlights of the election announcements – Kano, Rivers and Orubebe’s outburst. Despite me laughing hysterically for the first 12 minutes of the clip, the Orubebe outburst froze the smile on my face as I watched MC Shakara portray Elder Peter Godsday Orubebe’s outburst of ‘partiality’ by the INEC. Here is what he said in the spirit of being funny,

How will they say Kaduna, Katsina and Kano have 5 million votes? Then who have Boko Haram been killing?

How can one make a crass joke about the killing of about 20,000 men, women and children? Do they think the lives lost in the North are a joke? As someone who has experienced the brutal murder of close ones by Boko Haram, I assure you it is nothing close to being a joke. I have lost friends and family in other ways but the worst till date is when people I love died, not from natural causes or an accident, but by a savage brutal killing that was totally unprovoked and unexpected.

And the logic in itself is way beyond mere ignorance and deep into stupidity zone. I veer off to correct it because that “…who has Boko Haram been killing…” argument is one that many bigots share, forgetting that there are no displaced people from Kano, Katsina or Kaduna. The only states in the North whose people suffered displacement are the North Eastern states of Borno, Adamawa & Yobe after Boko Haram took over whole local governments and the inhabitants had no choice but to flee.

As I watched the crowd laugh and clap, I wondered if they will be laughing if just 6 months ago, strangers attacked the village where their parents or grandparents lived and burnt it to the ground with their families in it. I wondered if AY would have let that part be in his show if his mother was killed by Boko Haram gunmen or if MC Shakara would have confidently said that if his sister had been a sex slave in Boko Haram camp for a year.

A mother of one of the more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, crying among more than 1,000 supporters who participated in a demonstration. Image via Global Rights
A mother of one of the more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, crying among more than 1,000 supporters who participated in a demonstration. Image via Global Rights

You don’t joke with some stuff and (we made that clear when Basketmouth made a joke in 2013 about rape) the mass murder of a people is one of them. With such a stage that AY has, instead of him to look for a good cause that he can subtly include in his fast growing enterprises of comedy shows and movie debut that was a blockbuster, what he chooses is to ridicule the murder of a people that has been going on for 6 years while the Government folded their hands and watched.

Can he make jokes about the killing and starvation of Igbos during the Civil War? Or can he make jokes about the multitude of lives lost in the Sosoliso Plane Crash of 2005? Can he ridicule the innocents killed when T.B Joshua’s Synagogue building collapsed?

To put it in perspective, imagine if a comedian says how come Garissa University has so much students? Then who has Al-Shabaab been killing?

I do not understand the blatant disregard for the lives in the North by our own countrymen. What people do not understand is that unlike the terrorism in other parts such as Kenya where a specific group (Christians) are targeted, the acts perpetrated by Boko Haram do not have criteria. They kill Muslims, Christians, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Bura, Kanuri alike. If the nation thinks that “Boko Haram will remain a Northern problem and meanwhile, let’s joke about it”, they will one day wake up to a new reality. Ask Abuja residents.

For now, AY owes the nation an unreserved apology and nothing less.

While his mates are creating awareness and donating for Boko Haram survivors, all he could think of was make jokes on their losses.


AY later on tended an apology on behalf of he and MC Shakara for the ‘joke’ on Boko Haram victims on Twitter. I applaud that and I hope every of our celebrities follow in his humble manner should they ever blunder so.

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  1. Madam na joke o it’s not serious abeg just a casual joke comedians play with worse things Gs even profane words compared to boko haram……na joke nor vex

  2. King a-maz yes …talk..insult him ..even take a gun and shoot if u havnt made worse mistakes in your life …at the line “while his mates were creating awareness shit…” wat. Have u been doing other than to post stupid and misleading articles about the whole incident… You saw this as an opportunity to post an “interesting and catcby ” article for your blog …you care noting abt it ….smh people

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