Teenage Girl Claims Aaron Lennon Ripped Her Shirt And Beat Her

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Everton winger Aaron Lennon is currently the subject of an on-going investigation.

The Sun  reports that the Lennon is being investigated for attacking a waitress at a club while he was partying.

The incident happened in the VIP area of the Suede bar in Manchester, after Everton’s recent win over Southampton in the Premier League.

The Sun reports:

The girl is very pretty and always gets a lot of attention. She’s worked there for almost a year.

Lennon was in another part of VIP with a group of mates and someone who looked like his brother. People were going up to him, chatting and asking for pictures. He seemed in a good mood and was having a laugh with his mates. They were spending a lot of money on drinks.

The girl was OK and I think she spoke to Lennon earlier. But then something happened later on.

She got really upset, left what she was doing and rushed to the toilet. She came out about an hour later and was annoyed security had not done anything and kicked Lennon out.

She says he grabbed her and ripped her top and then slapped her. The club was rammed, so if there was an incident people would have seen it.

Lennon, who is on-loan from Tottenham, will line up later today as Everton face Manchester United.



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