Style Spotlight! My Favorite Noble Igwe’s Agbada Looks

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Anyone who has been following knows I am more obsessed and a sucker for female fashion but today I am taking a delve into something more interesting and that is Men’s fashion.

One man that has always proven himself with regards to fashion and style is the very daring and stylish Igbo man, Noble Igwe. This man understands his roots and he infuses it in his looks. What’s more is that he has the courage to take on other people’s culture and outfits.

In a world where most people will rather stick to the mainstream, Noble saw the need to go beyond boundaries with the Yoruba tradional attire, AGBADA and I must admit it has worked out just fine for him. He has also been able to influence a couple of young men to join the Agbada gang.

Peep some of my favorite looks of this stylish Igbo man!

Noble, leader of the Agbada gang
Noble Igwe, leader of the Agbada gang








Danshiki Swag







Images: Instagram/ noble_igwe


Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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