Still In Shock Over The Madonna/Drake Kiss? Here Are Four Other Celeb Kisses That Would Leave You Dazed

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He was not ready!

Well, that is the vibe we got after watching Drake’s response to Madonna’s unexpected kiss at Coachella last night.

But that was not the first unexpected Madonna kiss with a fellow celeb, in fact this might be more recent but it is certainly not her most talked about.

Here are four other celeb kisses that literally left the world stunned.

Angelina Jolie and her brother

Angelina Jolie and brother kiss

Well, we expect a lot of unexpected things from Angelina Jolie but what we were not ready for was the kiss she shared with her brother, James Haven at the Oscars 2000.

Madonna and Britney

Madonna Britney

You thought Drake was the first to be kissed like that? You thought wrong peeps. Madge has been quite generous with her lips for a while now.

In 2003, about twelve years ago, at the MTV awards, the Queen of Pop liplocked with Britney Spears in front of the world.

Rihanna and Britney

Rih Brit

Well, let’s just say Britney too is as generous as her friend, Madonna.

After performing Rihanna’s hit song, S&M at the 2011 MTV movie awards, Rih and Brit showed endearment by kissing each other.

We didn’t complain. We never would even if they decide to do it again.

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johanson


They are both hot women and maybe that was why they decided to do what hot women sometimes do, kiss each other.

In 2010, at the MTV movie awards (again. Those guys must be orchestrating these kisses but hey we are not complaining), Sandra Bullock grabbed Scarlett Johanson and kissed her before proceeding to give her acceptance speech.

Again, we love it.



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