Social Media Goes On An Uproar After News Of Oba Of Lagos Threatening Igbos Surfaces

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This morning, print media houses published a story of the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu,  holding a secret meeting with Igbo leaders over the coming Gubernatorial elections in Lagos. According to the Daily Independent. ThisDay and others, the Oba threatened the leaders to have their people vote for Ambode, the governorship candidate of the APC or die. According to the paper, he said;

“On Saturday, if any one of you goes against Ambode who I picked, that is your end. If it doesn’t happen within seven days, just know that I am a bastard and its not my father who gave birth to me. By  the grace of God, I am the owner of Lagos for the time being. This is an undivided chair. The palace belongs to the dead and those coming in the future. On Saturday, if anyone of you, I swear in the name of God, goes against my wish that Ambode will be the next governor of Lagos state, the person is going to die inside this water. For the Igbos and others in Lagos, they should go where the Oba of Lagos heads to. When they were coming to the state, they didn’t come with all their houses. But now they have properties in the state. So they must do my bidding. And that is the bidding of the ancestors of Lagos and God. I am not ready to beg you.

The APC have not yet issued a statement on this recent development.

As expected, the announcement caused a lot of differing opinions on the matter with APC supporters saying the news cannot be true with some Igbos threatening war. Here are some tweets




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  1. I WANT TO SAY THIS PUBLICLY – No matter who you are, if you can lend your voice to this CALL TO KILL – irrespective of tribe, religion or something as cheap as political affiliation. “I HEREBY UN-FRIEND YOU” PUBLICLY! Feel free to delete my number from your phone and remain mute when we meet physically.
    SUCH A SHAME – Many of the comments I have read on this so-called social media.

    We should refresh our minds with what happened in RWANDA as a result of such foolish, senseless and Demonic statements that went unchecked!

    excerpt from Wikipedia on the RWANDAN GENOCIDE : ” Local officials and government-sponsored radio incited ordinary citizens to kill their neighbors” SOURCE – Wikipedia.


    “…for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword” (Matthew 26:52, King James Version)…/Live_by_the_sword,_die_by_the_swo…

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