Simon Cowell On Zayn Malik’s One Direction Exit: They Are Too Good To Stop Now

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If there is anyone the world would love to know what he feels about the exit of one of the singers in the world’s biggest boy band at the moment, it is the man who formed the boy band himself; Simon Cowell.

Cowell, who brought the boys together during their X Factor days five years ago, was interviewed and asked his opinion about Zayn’s shocking exit and what he thought about his solo career.

On signing Zayn as a solo act

He (Zayn) is a fantastic singer, he’s got to get his head together a little bit. He needs time on his own as he said, to be a normal 22 year old, which he is going to have.

On how the other members of the band felt after the split

They were surprised, they were shocked but now they got over it. Well not get over it, get used to it.

On the other members of the band not being friends with Zayn anymore
Simon Cowell On Zayn Malik’s One Direction Exit, “They Are Just Too Good For Everything To Stop Now”
You can’t work together for this long if you’re not friends, you know… you get little sparks, everyone does… but you’re still friends.

On the future of One Direction

I have always said the future is bright for all of you depending on what you want to do… they are too good to stop now.

Five years ago, during the X Factor bootcamp, Zayn Malik had a nervous breakdown and did not show up on stage for rehearsals until Simon Cowell went backstage to talk to him.

Maybe that magic can happen again? And the one directioners can have their ultimate dream come true…



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