She Never Hesperredit: Guiliana Rancic Reveals She Got Death Threats Over Zendaya Joke

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Guiliana Rancic has revealed that she was shocked at the drama that followed her joke on Zendaya Coleman.

“I read her statement and I was shocked,” the 40-year-old TV host said in an interview with People.

“I made [the joke] as a reference to the hippie culture. It was a bohemian-chic reference, not about race, nor would it ever be. It was horrifying to have my name in a headline with words I have never been associated with in my life.”

“On set, I made peace signs and I said boho twice,” she told the magazine, adding she did not write the joke. “It was edited. And my words were taken out of context. If I thought this joke could be interpreted another way, I never would have done it. I felt horrible.”

“People were sending me pictures of the barrel of a gun saying, ‘I’m going to kill your family.’ It was awful.”



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