Scared? Senator Bukola Saraki Says Declaration Of Assets Not Necessary

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Former governor of Kwara state, Bukola Saraki, has stated that the declaration of assets does not make a person less or more corrupt.

The President-Elect, Muhammad Buhari, had previously stated that any officer in his administration would have to declare their assets, something Saraki doesn’t feel is necessary.

“I don’t think it is declaration of assets that would make you less corrupt or more accountable,” he said.

“I think it is your own individual commitment to your party and leadership provided,” he added.

“Leadership is very important because the leader leads by example. Honestly, things will change. Instead of sitting with the president to seek favour, you come home and sit down with your people so that you can have the better chance of winning election.”

“There would be zero tolerance for corruption and because of the backdrop of that, you begin to see revenue coming up and you will have more money for infrastructural development.”



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  1. Bukola Saraki, declaring of assets is very necessary in dis new dispensation. Dis is one of d factors of change as preached in ur APC we d masses want to see. You ex- PDP members have dwindled our treasure for long, enough is enough. Join d band wagon of change, declare ur assets plz.

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