Remember The JayZ/Solange Elevator Fight? Rihanna Might Just Be Responsible

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Another day, another source for inside gist in Hollywood.

Bey and Jay

Well according to Grazia magazine, Princess Rih and King Bey are not each other’s fans and what’s more? This is because of Rihanna’s mentor and Beyonce’s husband of seven years, JayZ.

Apparently, there is a source that claims JayZ has a private phone (among other private phones) that he uses specifically to call Riri. This phone should normally help with business phone calls between the two but this source has gone ahead to claim that both do more than business when they holla at each other.

JayZ apparently excuses himself from meetings to go receive calls from Rihanna privately and Beyonce found out which led to a lot of argument and fighting.

And no, this is not even bizarre yet, it gets worse.

This situation is supposedly the reason Beyonce’s baby sis, Solange, kicked Jayz hard in the elevator in a video that became one of the most popular videos last year.

Quite interesting don’t you think? But also very contrived.

Whatever the case may be, the Carters seem happy and Beyonce gave her hubby the best present ever just a few days ago so this story might as well be BS.



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