Prophet Who Predicted Buhari, Ambode’s Victory, Reveals Impending Doom For Fayose?

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Famous Celestial Church of Christ prophet, Prophet Marcus Korede Tibetan, who foresaw the victory of the president-elect, Buhari, and that of the Lagos state governor-elect, Akinwunmi Ambode, has yet revealed a terrible premonition for Fayose.

If we recall, the seer predicted that President Jonathan would be embarrassed and disgraced in the elections while Buhari would win and assume the presidency by May. He also said that the life of the then APC presidential candidate might be cut short, and that Buhari might not finish his tenure of four years. Naij report.

In an interview with Encomium from Chicago, Illinois, United States of America (where he’s on a revival and evangelical mission), the prophet reversed his prophesy on Buhari dying in office, although, he warned him not to waste any time to change Nigeria.

Prophet Tibetan further declared that Governor Ayo Fayose will not see the end of 2015 as the Ekiti state governor.

Read excerpts from the engaging interview with Encomium below:

Nigerians and the world at large are surprised that all your prophesies concerning the country and the 2015 general elections have come to pass. How does it feel, sir?

It’s not for me to take the glory of fulfillment of God’s word (quotes relevant scriptures to support his position). So, no genuine prophet should take the credit of this. God will always honour His word. At the same time, we give God the glory.

So, Buhari would change Nigeria?

Yes, the Lord said there’s going to be change. He said we should congratulate Nigerians for taking the strong decision to liberate themselves from bad leadership. The Lord said Nigerians should welcome the spirit of change as it is taking place not just only in the political arena but across all families and up to the kitchens in various homes. God said He is the One that brought this change and all Nigerians must embrace it and be in the spirit of WAI (War Against Indiscipline).

But in your interview with us before the Presidential elections, you said he might not complete his tenure? Has that changed?

Buhari will not die in office. God prolonged the life of King Hezekiah in the Bible and this is Buhari’s portion. He won’t die in office. He has a job to do. There is no time to waste. Mr. President-elect should hit the ground running on his first day in office because he already has the template of what he wants to do to liberate Nigeria since 2003.

Remember I told the world in my Prediction 2015 book that General Buhari is not chosen by God but by the people of Nigeria to liberate them and since he is the one the people want, God answered their prayer by giving him the leadership of the country. Buhari should run the affairs of Nigeria without fear or favor because he has a limited time to do this work. The Bible made it clear that due to sin and other unforeseen element of our daily life, the number of years given to man in Biblical term is 70 years. He is over 70. Anything beyond that is grace; General Buhari should take note of this and change the fortune of this country without fear or favor. This new regime will be the one to give us a credible census. Before two years, the government must carry out a census to ascertain how many people were killed by Boko Haram and how many Nigerians are living presently. This is good for national planning.

Is there anything Buhari should do before moving into the Aso Rock presidential villa?

Yes, if General Buhari want to run his term successfully and does not want the fate of late President Umar Yar’Adua to befall him, he must make a complete and total cleansing of Aso Rock Villa before he moves in. Between now and when he would be sworn in, General Buhari must not step into Aso Rock Villa for any meeting either in the day or in the night. And after he is sworn in on May 29, he must ensure that America, Britain and Germany help him snoop around the entire Aso Rock vicinity to detect anything that might have been planted in there for him. An entirely new security measure should be put in place to ensure the total security and safety of the new landlord. Until then, the General could run his own “White House” from anywhere but Aso Rock.

Will Ekiti State Governor still be impeached?

The Lord does not do mistake with his words, Ayo Fayose has just nine months to stay on that seat after which he will be going to jail. I don’t really have much to say on this. I have told you what the Lord will do on December 20 when I was launching my prediction book in Nigeria. Ayo Fayose will not see the end of 2015 as Ekiti State Governor.



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