President-Elect Muhammad Buhari Gives First Post-Victory Interview [VIDEO]

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General Muhammad Buhari has given his first interview as the President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Buhari spoke to the BBC’s Peter Okwoche, describing himself as a reformed democrat, and vowed to tackle the Boko Haram issue.

Watch the video below.



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  1. To be candid with anyone who cares,the The President elect,Rt.Major Gen.Mohammad Buhari meant well for Nigeria. From what he outlined in his first official address to Nigerians and indeed to the whole World,the truth is that, a times it is easy say than to be done. I believe hardest fight is war against corruption,greedy and indispline especially at political appointees and some high levels government workers. If he is going serious about this fight, he must pay a realistic wage to public servants . And two, the so called immunity of political office holders should be amended. Anything less than this may not produce positive results. I also impore all Nigerians to give he support.

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