People That Died In The Most Stupid Ways Possible

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Various programs on cable television have shown different ways humans dangerously tread the thin line between life and death. Programs such as A Thousand Ways To Die shows us the folly and stupidity of humans as they do the unthinkable perhaps for the thrill in doing so or just for show off. Most of the acts committed are stupid to say the least and only a few survive to tell tales of their misadventures. We are going to highlight three of the most bizarre and stupid adventures people have embarked upon and were unfortunate, as they didn’t live to tell the tale. These tales were made known by evidences left behind and eyewitness accounts.

The stupidity of speed
A lot of people have been known to enjoy the thrill of speed which is not so much of a bad thing. That is why there are Formula 1 races and race tracks for the discerning mind who loves the fast lane. However, a Brazilian teenager who went by the name Giovana Alves Dias de Souza had a need for speed but kept it on the highways. Her decision to hit 180km/hr on her speedometer and post it on her Facebook wall was her ultimate undoing. Funny enough, she succeeded on the first trial as she lived to tell the tale.
Not more than three months later, she decided to repeat her dangerous stunt yet again but she paid the ultimate price of her life this time around as the police found her crushed car after she seemingly lost control of the car which hit a support pole. Sadly, the police found her car with a picture of her spedometer at 170 km/h.

When Bungee jumping goes wrong
Bungee jumping is one of the extreme sports that people that have a need for thrill and high participate in. When Virginia fast food worker Eric Garcia decided that he wanted to go bungee jumping in 1997, he never knew that would be the end of him. He had decided to jump off a 70-foot high railroad trussle and for this reason, he tied and strung a bunch of individual bungie cords together to make a bungee rope. The idea was stupid from the onset, and even more stupid was the fact that the makeshift rope he tied together was 70-feet long. He didn’t get slowed down by the rope after he took a leap off the railroad trussle and he went straight to the ground.

Chimney and Grenade
Sometime In 2005, a croatian man called Marko was making an effort to clean out his chimney. While conducting this activity, he found out that the chimney opening was way higher than his broom could reach and for this reason, he attached a brush to a chain for the cleaning. He however required a weighty brush which would be able to descend down the chimney and for this reason, he grabbed the first object he could lay his hands on which was unfortunately a hand grenade. Predictably, the grenade exploded as he tried to attach it to the chain which resulted in his death.


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