Pakistani Muslim ‘Honor’ Burns Wife To Death For Leaving Home Without Permission (Graphic Image)

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Following the current Muslim “honor” killing, a Pakistani Muslim was apprehended along with his father for setting ablaze his 25-year old wife after she went to visit her sister on Friday without asking him, Shoebat report.

Muhammad Siddique was arrested for immolating his wife Shabana Bibi because she left the house without his permission, police reported on Sunday.

woman-burned-alive-2.jpg Shoebat

It was learnt that when she returned, she was heavily beaten by Siddique and his father.

Information gathered from Bibi’s brother, Muhammad Azam showed that she was doused with fuel and burnt severely to death.

Bibi was reported to have died in a hospital on Saturday after suffering burns to 80 percent of her body.

“We have arrested the husband and father-in-law of the deceased woman and charged them for murder and terrorism,” district police chief Rai Zameer-ul-Haq told AFP.

Bibi who has been married to Siddique for three years had previously experienced spousal abuse after the couple had problems conceiving a child.

Hundreds of Muslim women become victims of such homicide every year in Pakistan, with tens of thousands more around the world in other Muslim countries. In most cases, make relatives who honor kill their wives or daughters get off with a slap on the wrist.



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