How Crazy Is Kim Kardashian’s Ripped Sweater?

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When you’re Kanye’s wife, nothing remains the same.

The Queen of American reality TV, Kim Kardashian was spotted recently with her sister Kourtney’s son, wearing a ripped sweater.

Kim's ripped sweater

The sweater which the curvy socialite paired with white jeans and nude sandals looked something out of a dumpster; with a huge tear and a shabby outlook.


Kanye recently debuted his line of clothing and this ripped collection were very much in sight.


Also, this is not the first time Kim has been seen in this unconventional style of clothing, so it is almost safe to say they are now a part of her clothing style.

Kim's ripped top

And since Kim has alluded some of her style choices to Kanye in the past,  we are certain this ripped style is yet another from Kanye’s style book.

Kanye's ripped sweat

And as the world already knows, Kim has a massive fan base and it is only a matter of time before her fans begin to borrow this style inspiration.

Would you?



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