OMG! Sam Smith Has Drastically Lost Weight And You Need To See It! [PHOTOS]

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When Jennifer hudson lost drastic weight years back, she was thrown under the bus as regards how different she looked in comparison to her big size.

Now Sam Smith has done the same thing! He lost drastic weight and you’ll be amazed yourself when you see the new Sam. The picture immediately below shows Sam Smith back in October.


He was delighted after losing an incredible 14lbs in 14 days but it appears as if Sam Smith may have shed even more weight.

The 22-year-old singer have overhauled his lifestyle with the help of a new nutrition book and he was showing off the effects in Lille on Tuesday.

Sam looked slim in a brown coat with a white top underneath at the NRJ Music Tour in the French city. He lost so much weight!

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His weight loss was more evident than ever, with Sam showing off his new slimline look.

He has not revealed exactly how much weight he has lost but last month Sam  revealed he had dropped a dramatic 14 pounds in just 14 days thanks to the nutrition book, which he said has ‘completely transformed my relationship with food’. 

The musician, who bagged four Grammys and two Brit Awards this year, has been flying high since breaking into the music industry, but he admits that he’s battled his weight since childhood.

Sam Smith on his Instagram gave credits to Amelia Freer with his weight loss after she ‘transformed’ his relationship with food.
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Images: Instagram, Getty Images.

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