Oh Miley! You Aren’t Related To Justin Bieber ?! [SEE PHOTO]

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Both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have often been compared thanks to their similar career paths, wild child ways and their ability to send their legions of fans utterly crazy.

But the duo has even more in common: they appear to be turning into each other, judging by Miley’s Instagram post.

The Wrecking Ball star shared an uncanny comparison picture of herself and Justin on her page, the two of them looking remarkably twin-like.

Miley cyrus



Miley styled her short blonde locks into a tight little ponytail to match Justin’s, tendrils of hair falling down at the sides.

She also copied his pose, holding her hands up in a prayer-like manner with her fingers sitting over her lops.

We actually can no more deal as you can remember back when Justin was arrested and a mug shot of him was taken.


As well as other pictures of the stars’ stiking semblance.



But it’s very not not impossible as Justin’s father Jeremy only loves the letter J for his kids, Miley is far M! LOL

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