Not About That Selfie Life: Prince Harry Thinks “Selfies Are Bad”

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Looks like we would not be getting a royal selfie from Prince Harry ever.

The Royal, arrived Australia for a 4 week placement with the Australian Defence Force and took with him some serious advice and guess what it is?

That selfies are bad.

No, seriously, he did say that.

Prince Harry while speaking to one of his numerous admirers stated, “Seriously, you need to get out of it. I know you’re young but selfies are bad.”

He added, “Just take a normal photograph”

This is 2015, your highness and selfies have become “normal photographs”

Oh well, he might never be down for the selfie but another type of royalty would disagree with him in America; The Princess of the American TV Reality Royalty, Kim Kardashian (Oh yes, I did) lives for selfies and her Instagram is a proof of that.

At least we got a royalty that loves selfies.



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