#Nollywood Movie Review of ‘Don’t Cry for Me’

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Alero (Mary Lazarus) is an unfashionable young lady married to Temisan (Uti), an unfaithful and manipulative man, who moves in with Alero’s closest friend, Ese (Susan Peters) without his wife’s knowledge.  Alero is hired to assist Fred(Joseph Benjamin), who became blind, following an accident; but his nasty and insensitive girlfriend, Candy, (Yvonne Nelson) interferes with Alero’sjob; causing conflicts.Surprising twists and turns climax in a hilarious tale of true love that is both hilarious and remarkable.

Susan Peters and Uti are both comical with their delivery, making people laugh as they watch the film.  Benjamin plays his role as a blind man meticulously whilst Mary Lazarus’s acting skills are estimable.  The screenplay by UduakIsongOguamanam and Rita Onwurahis one, in which the ante is upped as the movie unfolds, heightening tension.  The dramatic elements – humour, suspense, sarcasm and irony – deployed by both writers climax in a story that is unpredictable and believable.

When they fall out, Temisan tells Ese, ‘Ah, you jazzed me’; as if he is just realizing that she cast a spell on him.  The way Uti conveys that message leaves everyone laughing heartily.

It is disappointing that Don’t Cry for Me was not well publicized, especially on the internet.  There are a few errors in the dialogue.  Ego tells Alero: ‘If I was there, this wouldn’t have happened’.  Alero responds, ‘There is no hard feelings.’  (There are no hard feelings).

Thandie says, ‘You know how much important this trip means to me’ instead of ‘You know how important this trip is to me.’  There is an exchange between Ese and Temisan, where Temisan asks, ‘Ese, what did you just say?’  Ese replies, ‘Nothing that needs any repeatation’.  There is no such word in the English Language.  Repetition is the right word.

How come it took Fred a long while to explore all the medical options available to him?  A wealthy man like him couldn’t have waited for that advice before seeking quality medical care whether in Nigeria or abroad.

People who ignore early warning signs and commit to toxic relationships always end up with their tails between their legs.  Anyone who feels manipulated in a relationship has no business staying in that relationship let me alone getting married to the traitor.

The self-sacrifice of taking care of sick people is a skill that care-givers and relatives must not dispense with.  When these sick people throw tantrums, owing to the frustration caused by confinement or being bed-ridden, the care-givers need to show empathy the way Alero exhibits understanding.

Don’t Cry for Me, a 1 hour forty-five minute flick, is a gripping story, which is excitingly told.

Amarachukwu Iwuala

Amarachukwu Iwuala

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