Noble Igwe VS Olamide Adedeji: The Bid To Be Ebuka’s Best Man Begins

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I’d like to state that this piece should in no way be considered a “plea”, a “begi-begi” or anything that implies I’m trying to trick Ebuka into making me his best man. Rather this should be seen as Noble Igwe’s right and something that he deserves.

It’s big news that Ebuka got engaged to Cynthia a few days ago and I’m so happy for the new ABE couple. The ABE WAGs roster is becoming stronger by the day.

On Wednesday, after the news of Ebuka’s engagement went viral, the ABE & ABE WAGs decided to celebrate over plates of Nkwobi, Isi Ewu and unlimited bottles of beer at Natives in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Halfway into dinner, Olamide stood up.

Olams: I’m so excited that finally Ebuka is off the market & I get to be his Bestman.

Nobs: And this is your right?

Olams: Yes Na. Who else is his best friend?

Nobs: Hmmmm

Olams: No nah, talk. In short I’m going to bring so many bottles of Champagne…

Nobs: Calm down, Ore. It’s not something to be bought or forced. He’s got some friends that he met before us and they all played a role in his life.

Olams: You cannot be his best man and he was my best man.

Nobs: Before you think he’s your best friend and you have to birthright to be his best man, when did you guys meet?

Olams: Does that matter?

Nobs: Mba, it’s campaign with champagne that matters.

Olamide Adedeji tweet champagne

Olamide kept quiet and we continued with the food and making the ladies eat goat eyeballs.

I know some of you don’t care but when I got home I thought at length about Ebuka’s wedding and the different roles that we would play regardless of our actual role beside him.

I first met Ebuka on TV, loved that he was Igbo, saw him at his Big Brother eviction party but didn’t pay attention to him and we finally got talking on the day of the Big Brother Nigeria Finale. We realized that we might have certain things in common such as our Love for “Akpu” and everything “Igbo”.

Our friendship started with afternoon lunches at a Buka in a mechanic workshop beside Ark Towers on Ligali Ayorinde in Victoria Island, Lagos and evenings hanging out at SWE Bar Located at City Mall in Onikan.

There was no Olamide or maybe there was but he was not our friend then. If your room just got darker, that was no shade.

We supported each other in everything that we did and he was always there at all my small gig then at SWE Bar.

I think it was on one of those lazy days at SWE Bar that we saw Olamide sitting lonely at the bar in high tops and Ebuka invited him to join us at our table of men.

Where was Olamide & his champagne the night we drove through 3rd mainland Bridge at 12 midnight to rescue a family member? Where were these cases of champagne during the Unruly Beach Party? Where was Olamide during the days of eating at that Buka located in a mechanic?

Where was Olamide all those nights we used to buy food from Jevinik and use the soup for two days?

I know that some of you are already feeling that I deserve to be Ebuka’s Best man because of the role that I have played in his life and (perhaps because you know I’ll look the part and be styled to perfection). I almost said that all Olamide’s throw back pictures with Ebuka were taken with Instagram and mine were all taken way before they even invented Instagram but that would be taking it a bit far.

Ebuka & Nobs
Selfie before the selfie was invented.


Bubu & Nobs


Tell me, when they say in the church

Priest: Kedu onye n’eke nke nwanyi di?

Will Olamide not rush to the front with the rings?

Let me ask Olamide, how will you know when its time for Iwa Oji?

Does Olamide know who and who should break the kolanut ?

Olams, If the wedding was to take place in the Lagos Lagoon,would you have attended ?

I’m not saying that I deserve to be Ebuka’s Best Man; I’m just putting it out there for you guys to be the judge.

I’m happy for Ebuka and Cynthia, I’m proud of how far Ebuka have come.

I’m really proud of my small circle of friends called the ABE and how far we’ve all come while supporting one another.



One thing is certain, regardless of who will be standing beside Ebuka in the church on that day, there will be 3 Best Men at his beck and call.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Tunde Demuren, Segun Demuren, Olamide Adedeji, Noble Igwe, photo by Anuel Modebe

To Ebuka & Cynthia




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  1. Please this is playing tribal card. I am campaigning oh sorry.. champagning for Olamz. President and VP can’t remain in South -East, pls let’s leave the VP slot in South-West. Our President sorry groom is an open minded pan-african. We have to do primaries oh! Chai… I sort of miss all the politicking wahala… till 2019.

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