#Nigeria2015: 5 Key Points From Muhammadu Buhari’s Acceptance Speech

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Nigeria's new President - General Muhammadu Buhari



Following the presidential elections of last weekend, Nigeria’s President-elect has issued a public address and we picked up a few points, viz;


#Nigeria2015: 5 Key Points From Muhammadu Buhari’s Acceptance Speech
#Nigeria2015: 5 Key Points From Muhammadu Buhari’s Acceptance Speech


  1. Muhammadu Buhari thinks President Jonathan ‘was a worthy opponent’, and so ‘extends his hand of fellowship to him’.


  1. He looks forward to ‘meeting [President Goodluck] soon as [they both] plan the transition from one administration to another’.


  1. Contrary to widespread claims of Muhammadu Buhari sending Nigerians to prison upon assuming office, the President-elect says [President Jonathan] ‘will receive nothing but cooperation and understanding from [him as he’s] led this nation to democracy’.


  1. Muhammadu Buhari praised Nigerians for enduring in patience the time it took for the entire election to yield results, saying ‘you voted with your heart[s]. Your vote[s] affirm that you believe Nigeria’s future can be better… You voted for change… in a more profound way, it is you, Nigerians that have won.’


  1. ‘To me this is historic. Most people will welcome the result…others will literally be disappointed. [In all], I ask that we all be circumspect, respectful and peaceful in these times.’

He holds that ‘this is not the time for confrontation, [as] this is a moment we must begin to heal the wounds and work towards a better future.’

Lastly, Buhari expresses his ‘appreciation to the media, civil society and security agencies for their selfless service, [as well as] the international press for their support throughout the process’.


From 360nobs, management and staff, we felicitate with the President-elect; General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.) on this great feat.


President Goodluck Jonathan also deserves some ovation for his immense role in ensuring this was a peaceful, free and fair exercise; and so we say well done, Sir.


God bless Nigeria.


Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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