Nicki Minaj’s Engagement Ring Looks Like Meek Mill’s Ex’s Ring [PHOTO]

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It appears Nicki just got engaged to Meek Mill as there’s been buzz all over the internet as regards the couple’s engagement.

But somewhere also on the internet, a certain observation was made by a particular person on social media who tweeted a snap of Meek Mill’s Ex with the striking semblance of the ring Nicki Minaj showed off.
The particular tweet is garnering views and retweets.

This is a picture of Nicki's fingers and her ring on it.
This is a picture of Nicki’s fingers and her ring on it.

So what can we deduce from this? That Meek retrieved the engagement ring he gave to his ex? These question we ponder on.

Just moments after the news about Nicki getting engaged to Meek blew off, BadMedina as her name goes on Instagram posted the picture of the lookalike ring and she captioned her snap “Enjoy” with a mischief emoji.

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