Nicki Minaj’s BOOBS Have Healing Powers!!! [VIDEO]

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The boy who was crying had an encounter with Nicki Minaj’s boobs and his life never remained the same.

It’s no news that Nicki Minaj’s boobs is one of her most coveted assets. This is so true that the boobs make headlines even more than Nicki herself make Billboard 100 (insert humor)

I was surfing the web this particular evening and I stumbled upon a video. In it, the Anaconda musician is seen to be talking to an apparently hysteric fan who has always dreamt of the moment he was going to meet Nicki.

In empathy and hysteria as well, Nicki hugged the already crying boy.
Just when he placed his head in between Nicki’s boobs, one can tell in the video how his countenance changed from 0-100, sad to excitement. LOL

Watch the Video HERE

Even Rihanna couldn’t resist the power of Nicki’s twins! See here.

Wouldn’t you agree with me that her boobs really has got some healing powers?


Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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