Nancy Sinatra Condemns Music Videos Of Today: “They Are Too Sexy”

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Iconic singer Nancy Sinatra has condemned the sexy, provocative music videos of today.

Nancy, 74, is the daughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra, and she says her father would have hated the videos too.

Sinatra, whose hit song Bang Bang, was used in legendary 2003 film Kill Bill, said:

“It’s unfortunate that women feel that they have to resort to something sensational. I think it’s better to really make yourself proud of your music.”

“I think it’s better to really make yourself proud of your music and your songs and your voice, and not sensationalise everything. I think that’s disrespectful to yourself.”

“We don’t need that stuff and people who are talented and who do good work don’t need that. They don’t need to resort to that.”

“We are foolish and foolhardy to promote that kind of behaviour. All the videos I see now are sexy and raunchy, what’s the point? I don’t get it.”

Does she have a point? Are today’s music videos too sex-oriented?



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