Naija Here Are Your Baddest Boys In Entertainment

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Hollywood might have bad boys but we have baddest boys.

You know these guys, but nobody has compiled this list for you just yet.

Thank us later.

Meanwhile, get ready for a ride with these successful baddest boys. Wear your seatbelts because you will never experrerit…




Only bad guys pose like this shey you know?

Quick run through of  this man’s CV just in case you live in the Mediterranean sea and have never heard of him; multi award winning artist, father of many nations, got all the women on lockdown, has shitload of money and is your favorite artiste’s favorite artiste.

Now that we are done, this guy is a bad guy because he blessed all the women with his seeds, then picked one of them, wifed her while expecting a baby with one of his other baby mams and you guys gave him props for it. Only bad guys roll like that.



Remember this picture?

Ok, while you’re trying to wish you did not see that, remember when the joke, “Davido is either on the beat, under the beat or is beating someone” was trending on social media?

Through all that, Davido still managed to make millions, sell out shows and become one of the most loved celebrities(by clueless teenage girls and agbaya women of course) in the country.

Only bad boys make that happen.




He already calls himself baddo so no introductions.


This guy knocked his girlfriend up, then Linda Ikeji heard somehow and broke the news to the whole of the country, then he knew and he went off on Linda, calling her names and getting the support of his long time pal, Wizkid and numerous fans.

Fast forward to months later, this guy welcomed a baby with his girlfriend.

Yep, Linda was right… but he made her look stupid, wrong, incredible and called her out.

No chill.

Baddo! Baddest guy ever liveth




He is probably your favorite entertainer.

Wizkid was rumored to have dated Nollywood’s queen of controversy, Tonto Dikeh, he fathered a child, denied the paternity then went ahead to claim the baby without apologies and explanations.

He dragged his former label mate on Twitter, he finds(and would find you on twitter) and block you for expressing your feelings about him in a tweet even without copying him.

He poses with girls with big booties, posts them on Instagram and has no chill whatsoever.

Oshey omo jayejaye. Oko Tania




He is probably the only fuji star that has been able to successfully cross over to pop music, mingle with the pop stars and make hit songs with them.

He has been able to appeal to the younger audience too. Pasuma would make you want to grab your jotter and take notes with his career moves.

Popsy Aliyah (like his Oshodi fans would call him) should be the next James Bond. I swear.


While rumors of knocking Sandra Okagbue up popped up on every major blog and magazine in Nigeria, Flavor was buys hanging out with former MBGN, Anna Banner.

Anna Banna and Flavor



Anna who knew about the whole drama (of course she has eyes to read like the rest of us) supposedly started dating the Highlife star.

So while becoming a new dad, Flavor was Anna’s daddy. Haha!

Respect Flavor, we see you.


The whole of you.

Jim Iyke

You might know him for his Amerigbo accent (American + Igbo = Amerigbo)

But he’s also a bad boy.

But you already know, shey?

Jim Iyke controversy

So do you remember the above picture? No? Okay, this picture surfaced three or four years back when Jim Iyke reportedly scammed one Abuja woman like that.

Jim Iyke controversy 2

Then as if that was not enough, he went and wore this outfit to the very first AMVCA.

Jesse Jagz


If you know real rap, you would know Jesse Jagz is King.

That alone has qualified him to be in this category, because his flows murder mercilessly.

He left Chocolate city, went ahead to make hit songs and then went back creating a buzz! The whole Chocolate city crew went crazy when he returned.

Like who else has done that in Nigeria?




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