My BOOBS Just Keep Getting Bigger And Bigger – Kate Winslet Reveals [PHOTO]

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Kate Winslet nearly gave guests a show at a 60th birthday party just recently. Her zip snapped! OMG

The 39-year-old actress wore a tight-fitting dress to the bash, but nearly suffered a huge embarrassment after going to the toilet when the full-length zip snapped.

The star – who is married to businessman Ned Rocknroll – told


‘I unzipped it from the bottom, sat down, had a wee – no problem – stood up, zipped it back up, and the zip came off in my hand.

‘I was stood there, knowing everyone is pretty far away and I can’t f***ing move. The dress opens all the way – the whole f***ing thing! I’m standing there in my knickers and heels, basically wearing a black cape!’

The titanic Star also revealed that she finds it hard to fit her twins into a corset all cos it’s getting big.

She added: ‘All I could do was stand there, look at myself in the mirror and crack up laughing. I am never getting on the red carpet in a dress with a zip.’

Need y’ all be reminded that back in 2011, Kate spotted a similar ensemble.

Kate Winslet

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