Mourinho Is Baffled By Footballers’ Influence

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I am baffled at the influence footballers have or anyone for that matter on humans. Sharing in my sentiments is José Mourinho, who finds it hard to believe that people who don’t save lives can be influential.

Former Real Madrid boss, Jose Mourinho, who currently captains the ship that is Chelsea and is influential in his own, is shocked at how people in other professions are not more influential than footballers.

“I am passionate about football, of course,” the former Real Madrid boss told The Daily Telegraph. “But for us professionals, if it means everything then we are in trouble; and for supporters it is the same.

“In Portugal they say that you can change everything except your mum and your football club. I understand football’s power, socially, politically and culturally, but how can a football player be in the top 100 of the most influential people in the world in Forbes magazine?”

Mourinho made this statement when it was pointed out to him that Ronaldo (30th) and Messi (45th) are in the top 100 most influential people in the world.

He added: “It’s absurd! We don’t save lives!

“I know that people can jump from a fifth floor because their team lost a game, but that person has problems.

“How can you compare a football player, a football manager with a scientist, a doctor? You cannot compare.”

He has the right of it really, but with the heights Messi and Ronaldo has propelled football to, it comes as no surprise really.

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