MOTHERS! Scare Your Babies And They’ll Learn Faster – New Study Reveals

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How interesting to note that as a mother, you can scare your child and it can help the child get intelligent tremendously!

According to the new study, babies learn faster when they’re taught with an element of surprise.
Research showed that infants learn more effectively when presented with strange behaviour – because it defies their expectations thus making them more keen to explore and understand it.

Professor Lisa Feigenson, one of the study leads, said: ‘It’s easy to look at a baby and see a blank slate, but actually babies have rich sophisticated expectations about the world, maybe more than people give them credit for.

‘One of the reasons we know that is that babies are surprised when impossible or surprising things happen.’


Babies of around 11-months-old were presented with two scenarios by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, US.

In one they were shown a toy car being pushed off a wooden block and falling to the ground.

They were shown this again, but the car floated in mid air.


The experiment revealed infants were more inclined to play with the car after the second, more surprising scenario.

Cognitive psychologist Aimee Stahl, one of the lead authors of the paper, said: ‘The infants’ behaviors are not merely reflexive responses to the novelty of surprising outcomes, but instead reflect deeper attempts to learn about aspects of the world that failed to accord with expectations.’

‘Infants are not only equipped with core knowledge about fundamental aspects of the world, but from early in their lives, they harness this knowledge to empower new learning.’



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