Mixed Reaction Ensues As S/African Lady Backs Xenophobic Attacks, Says ‘Nigerians Are Heartless’ (See Tweets)

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As the world ‘Say No To Xenophobia’, a certain South African lady, Wendy Ledwaba ‘Say Yes To Xenophobia’ with her exasperating Social media excitement on the ongoing violent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Dailypost reported that the controversial South African lady went on the social media yesterday to express her hatred for Nigerians living in South Africa.

She also showed her support for the violent attack that has claimed over 2000 lives of foreigners since 3 weeks ago via twitter.


She wrote, ”I dnt care what u say. I’ve lived amongst Nigerians ..my best friend is married to a Nigerian ..they r heartless …they dnt care how they get the money and they think they are untouchable …even the zims and Congolese I know hate Nigerians ..deny it all u want but u and I know that the good Nigerians are only a hand full…if these attacks were directed only at the Nigerians I ddnt even feel an ounce of hurt cos I’ve witnessed all around the pain and chaos they’ve caused”

Read other tweets below:




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  1. Wendy . you look beautiful . If your Nigerian boyfriend disappointed you , don’t transfer your anger on to 170 million people . Don’t get Nigeria angry . You may not know how many millions of your country men and women may lose their jobs in South Africa . The billions of dollar profits your 350 odd companies here are sending to South Africa keeps that your 1% growing economy from going under . Be thankful .

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