Midweek Musings With Mr Enclave – Events Of The Last Two Weeks In Nigeria Have Been Monumental

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Hello, fine folks. Welcome to the midweek musings. I will be updating this column, with a particular focus on happenings in the political/ socioeconomic space in Nigeria. Please join me every week and let’s do this.


360Nobs Midweek Musings With MrEnclave
360Nobs Midweek Musings With MrEnclave


It’s been a great period in our nation’s history. The events of the last two weeks have been monumental, to say the least. I should summarize in two short paragraphs.


First and more remarkable is the unseating of an incumbent president in Nigeria and the relatively peaceful response that followed it. How laudable. Africa and the rest of the world should take a few lessons from us in that light.


The second is the angry outburst of the Oba of Lagos in which he threatened to rip the multi-ethnic fiber of the Cosmopolitan City of Lagos. Quite the wrong move, I must add.


Politics shouldn’t bring about any form of discord. To what end is the fighting? Anyways, in both cases, the will of the people was strong and unshakeable, and for that I say kudos to all true believers of our great nation. This is where I stop today. Let’s do this again next Wednesday. Cheers!


Olumuyiwa (@MrEnclave) Olumide is a vocal, outspoken and passionate Nigerian. He believes in change and a Nigeria that works. He owns the popular Lagos hang out, Bar Enclave. He is a proud father of two lovely boys.


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