Meet SHEILA, The BREAST-BARING 73-year-old Model [ 18+ PHOTOS ]

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At 73 years old, Sheila is the oldest topless model in Britain!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and if you’ve still got it at 73, there is most definitely a reason to flaunt it. It was in her late 60s Sheila decided to first strip off for the camera, and she hasn’t looked back since.

‘In my youth I didn’t even think of nudity. Even displaying a nude shoulder. Oh no! Skinny dipping?! No.’

But now Sheila is a model and has just begun branching out into the topless genre.


‘The first time I did full nudity it was for a television game show – I had my boobs painted as watermelons. They make quite decent sized watermelons (laughs). I don’t remember feeling embarrassed,’ she tells Channel 5’s OAPs behaving badly.

The reason behind her unusual retirement pastime? Boredom. She lives in sheltered accommodation and doesn’t connect with the other elderly residents in her block.


‘Anything is different to being stuck in a bedsit,’ she says on why she bares her boobs. Sheila is a thrill-seeker. She’s been white water rafting and is planning on sky-diving.

‘Old age to a certain extent is release because you’ve gone through the period of growing up, in theory anyway.’

Sheila considers herself a shy and reserved person. ‘But no one seems to agree with me. I don’t know why!’ she laughs. Her topless shoot was a hit and she was booked for a life modelling class – which involved her posing fully naked for the first time.

OAP's Behaving Badly EP2

‘Life modelling has been mentioned many times but I’ve never got around to doing it so this is the first experience. Who knows, it might lead to something else.’

Sheila has been single for 28 years. She split from her husband at 45 and moved back to England from where they’d emigrated from in New Zealand. Now she’s on the lookout for love.

‘I think the odd man or two would liven it up a bit.’

Sheila doesn’t plan to stop stripping off anytime soon.

‘I’ve got arthritis and I’m partially sighted, but I don’t see myself as old!’ she says.

Watch Sheila’s story on OAPs Behaving Badly, Channel 5 April 1 at 9pm.

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