Lily Allen Is Not Down For JayZ’s Tidal And She Is Not Scared To Say It

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Lily Allen

The British Singer is not on TeamTidal and she is not going to be mute about it.

Tidal, an online streaming company owned by music exec and Rapper, Shawn “JayZ” Carter has been trending since its official announcement a few days ago.

And as if that is not enough, some of the most successful entertainers in the world are partnering with JayZ on this one.

Some of the music superstars ready to place their music solely on Tidal for streaming include; Madonna, Usher, Beyonce, Alicia Keys(who is the spokesperson) Daft Punk, Rihanna and so on.

According to Tidal’s Chief Investment Officer, the platform is for Artistes to have more control on their music and get more proceeds from it.

Even though there has been major backlash, with a lot of people calling the superstars on Tidal greedy, the superstars don’t seem to be going anywhere as each is reported to have at least two percent shares on the platform.

Lily Allen has however expressed her disgust, saying the move of the already consented superstars would affect upcoming and less successful artistes.

According to her, Tidal would mean more piracy and less money for artistes not on Tidal and that to her is insensitive.

But according to the Chief Investment Officer, Vania Schlogel, “…Just bear with us, hold, wait, be patient and invest that time because the artistes, me, everyone want to deliver something that’s going to be incredible and continue to evolve”

So maybe we would wait and see how this works out.

Streaming on Tidal costs $9.99



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