Lilian Esoro/Ubi Franklin/Emma Nyra And Four Other Celebs Who Have Served Us Cringe Worthy Relationship Drama

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With celebrities, things are never the way they post to be.

With the recent Emma Nyra, Lilian Esoro drama, this post had to be birthed.

Below are your favorite celebs and their worst emotional drama as it was played out for the world to see.

Lilian Esoro/Ubi Franklin/Emma Nyra

Just recently, these two came public with their relationship. Everyone was shocked, they had played the Nigerian media (Aunty Linda inclusive) and had very much easily shielded this relationship from the public eye.

But maybe when you shield stuff, secrets that might help you also remain secret.

In what seemed like the shortest time in which news has been broken, baby mama claims emerged, Emma Nyra (who Ubi says is his ex; a claim Emma has constantly denied) and Ubi Franklin had what seemed like the biggest subtle shade tossed at each other, Lilian Esoro’s Instagram account where she had previously shared pictures of her and Ubi shopping mysteriously got hacked and SDK’s blog reported the engagement has been canceled.

Just like that.

Yeah, the whole thing is still shocking to us too.

Blac Chyna/Tyga/Kylie Jenner


You must be living under Olumo rock if you have not heard of these two adults and one minor (who looks like an adult with the inflated lips, questionable behind and who is the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan).

Just in case you don’t know, Tyga and Blac Chyna were engaged once upon a time, then they broke up. Meanwhile, Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian had a close friendship, then after Blac Chyna and Tyga broke up, Kylie and Tyga started hanging out.

And all of these began when Kylie was all of sixteen years old.


Then recently, Blac Chyna who has remained commendably silent, started throwing shade at Kylie and the latter, has not been slacking.

Then Tyga went and got a Kylie tattoo. Meanwhile, Blac Chyna released messages Tyga has been sending her where he has been asking them to get together.

And you thought your first lady was entertaining?

Chris Brown/Karrueche/Rihanna


You think this should not have made it to this post?

Well, let’s refresh your memories.

Remember when pictures of Rih and Breezy started emerging online a few years ago? With claims the two exes were tryna make a comeback?

Well, Breezy was still officially dating Karrueche. You knew? Then you also knew he told her that he and Rih were just friends and he never told her how much he was hanging with her until paparazzi pictures emerged.

You knew that too? Then you shouldn’t be surprised they got on this post.

Chris Brown/Karrueche/Baby Mama


Only Breezy appears on this type of list more than once.

Not so long ago, claims surfaced that Breezy had fathered a nine month old baby even he had no clue about.

Apparently, the baby’s mother had been telling her man a lie, making him believe the baby was his.

Then Kae, who heard online like the rest of us, got pissed and broke up.

Then she went and gave that interview with Iyanla where she said she knew Chris was bad for her but she’d still (technically) forgive him if he came back.

Then the whole thing just went on like a poorly made Nollywood movie.

Thank God it’s over.

We hope it is at least.


Amber Rose/Kanye/Khloe Kardashian


Amber Rose is not one to run from shade. When Khloe recently cast one over her, the ex stripper and mother of one wasted no time in going for her and dragging her dirty.

And it all made for good TV, until big sister’s husband (and decorated rebel) Kanye West came and washed Amber.

Then it went from good TV, to great TV.

You just gotta love when these celebs air their laundry in public.



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