Leave It To The Kardashians To Look Stylish Even At A Memorial!

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Kim and Khloe are visiting Armenia to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the victims of the Armenian genocide.

The ceremony seemed to have been emotional for them, but leave it to the Kardashian sisters to look great even while being emotional.

Pictures of their trip has made it to the media. Check on it.

Kim in Armenia

Only Kim makes somberness look so appealing.

Kim in Armenia 2

Khloe sheds a tear at the memorial – the Armenian genocide left over a million people dead during the first world war. It has been described as the first most brutal killing in modern history.

Kim and Khloe

Hey Koko! We think that blue jumpsuit is everything!

Kim and Khloe and Kanye

Kanye looks sober as he follows his wife and sister in law. They would be in Armenia for eight days.

Kim and Khloe and cousins

Kim introduced her cousins, Kourtni and Kara on Instagram. Their sister, Krista did not make the trip with them like Kourtney didn’t with Kim and Khloe.


The Kardashians are taping their activities in Armenia for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Image Credit: Dailymail




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