Learn A Recipe: How To Make Spring Rolls

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From the last recipe on how to make samosa, I’m sure we know how to make tortillas at home now but if you are still finding it hard to do, you can always get the ready made tortillas from shopping malls or grocery stores around you (you can find at Shoprite). If you can make the tortillas at home, you can make as much as possible and store them in a fridge. With constant light, you can keep them for as long as 2 months and they won’t taste bad.


For today’s recipe, we’ll be learning how to make spring rolls which is very close to the samosa recipe but simpler to make. You need the same ingredients as the samosa except for the beef, onions. You can add the green pepper if you wish but it’s not compulsory.


For the filling:

-Grate your carrots and squeeze the juice out and then put in a bowl. Slice cabbage and put in a seperate bowl too.

-Put a pot on fire and then put your carrot and cabbage in the same proportion

Dont worry if it looks like you kept too much on fire, just stir very gently and keep on stirring for like 3-5 minutes or till they are properly blended.

-Add your barbecue pepper, curry and maggi and keep on stirring.

-When they are well steamed, scoop into a bowl to cool.


For The Spring Rolls:

– Lay out your tortilla on a flat surface (you don’t need to cut into pieces as you do with the samosa) and wet it using a paint brush.

-Fill the edge of the tortilla with the steamed carrot and cabbage and then wrap it twice (or more if you want it to be thick). Cut out the remaining part that is unused.

-It will look like a very long sausage, so cut into sizes that you want. Then, press down very well at the edges to avoid a spill out. If the edges are not coming together, wet it a little bit and then press them together (wetting the tortilla keeps it properly wrapped)

With the Spring rolls, you may not have so much left over tortillas as every part is very useful and doesn’t have to be perfectly shaped unlike the samosa that needs to form an almost perfect triangle.

-Put your groundnut oil on fire and when it is hot, put the spring rolls inside like 5-6 at a go. Change the sides from time to time until they are light brown in colour. Then remove from fire.


Spring rolls are not time consuming like samosa and not as stressful. Once your tortilla is done and your fillings are ready, you don’t have much work to do. Samosa and spring rolls go hand in hand at parties with some other finger foods like puff puff, chips, chicken wings etc and goes with almost any kind of drinks. If you’re on a budget, this is the perfect snacks for you.


It is easy to recreate. If you have any questions recreating this recipe, please use the comment box and all questions will be answered duly.


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