Kris Jenner Worried About Rob Kardashian, Thinks He Might Die

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Trouble in paradise.

Kris Jenner is worried her only son, Rob Kardashian might get so overwhelmed with depression and hurt himself.

The momager expressed this concern in a recent teaser of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where she visits a specialist with Kourtney and Kim and during which she breaks down in tears.

Rob has been dealing with emotional, mental and physical issues for a little over a year now and his weight has been a source of concern to everyone around him.

Rob Kardashian


Whether Rob would take the help or not, they do not know. But what they seem to know is that Rob needs drastic help and soon.

In a recent interview with E! news, Khloe mentioned that she believes Rob’s issue is harder for him to cope with because of the absence of Lamar (her ex husband) from both of their lives.

Rob was fond of Lamar and they had a close relationship.

However,whether or not Rob decides to see a specialist, his reported disgust over how the family has decided to explore his depression for storylines for the hit show, remains.

And that might not be going away in a long time.



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