Khloe Kardashian Credits Her New Hot Bod To Her Divorce From Lamar

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Talk about blessing in disguise.

The thirty year old reality star in a recent interview with Cosmo body has credited her new banging body to her divorce from ex husband, Lamar Odom.

Khloe who was married to Lamar from 2009 to 2013, said, when she was going through the rough situation with her ex husband, going out with girlfriends and running into the Paparazzi was not appealing to her.

Rather than get hounded by paparazzi when she stepped out, she decided to step into the gym and work her ass off.

Working out turned out to be a double blessing; it got her mind off her divorce drama and gave her a beautiful new bod!


Khloe also states in the Mag, that, even though a couple of people referred to her as fat when she had her previous body, she never really thought she was.

But now, with a new toned body, and shedding off a lot of weight, she has started to see the former her as fat and unhealthy.

Reports claim that Khloe has still not finalized her divorce from Lamar and the two might be seeing each other in private.

Whatever the case, she looks amazing!



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