Just In: Black Out In White House, Washington D.C.

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It appears there’s actually no state of utopia in the world as the US capital, Washington D.C., got hit earlier today by some bizarre power outage.


Quoting CNN;

“The widespread power outages hit across Washington, D.C on Tuesday, affecting government and privately-owned buildings and the city’s public transit rail system intermittently early in the afternoon”.


Citizens of the USA flashing torches to light up the area
Citizens of the USA flashing torches in a bid to light up the area


Triggered by a little explosion and then fire at a power substation in Southern Maryland, the outage has affected about 2,000 persons doing business in the Washington neighborhood, sources say.


A host of persons were trapped in elevators, as underground Metro stations were a chaotic scene with commuters scurrying for sight and safety.


The Washington Post reports that “a piece of metal broke loose and fell off a power line 43 miles from D.C. temporarily knock[ing] out electricity to the White House, State Department and wide swaths of the nation’s capital and its Maryland suburbs.”


In the rush for some light, and safety and the actual reasons behind the sudden power surge, speculations started building amongst the citizens that the incident could be connected to a terrorist attack. But local officials have been quick to dispel the rumors.


Washington Post reports further;

“Two hours after lights flickered off across much of the city — and after power to most buildings had been restored — homeland security officials both locally and nationally said they were increasingly confident terrorism played no part.”

“Early indications are that there is no apparent link to terrorism,” a U.S. official reportedly says.


Image: Washington Post




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