JORDAN’S JUICE: The Beauty, The Fun, And The Innocence Of Lagos [Must Read]

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I am particularly stunned at the way this city called Lagos keeps surprising me. It’s like every day, perhaps every week, a new thing would always come up. Asides its hustles and bustles, the social scenery of Lagos is such an amazing one.


I missed publishing last week’s edition of Jordan’s Juice. I mean, there was so much I’d have loved to talk about but sometimes, you get engrossed with everyday hard work, you forget there is a Jordan’s Juice every Friday. LOL, I hope I am making sense? In other words, I apologize for not showing up last week.


But hey, it’s for a good thing that I was away you know, so I have so much to let you in on. Like OMG! I discovered beautiful places in Lagos that I never knew existed. Mind you, I am not saying these places weren’t, but it’s great that I found them and I had unlimited fun while on the quest.


The state, Lagos, can’t be completely talked about without mentioning its social life. I mean, to me, that’s even the major stronghold. Lagosians and their work ethics, I salute. Throughout the weekdays, its work, and more work for the residents of Lagos but cut them some slack, they know how to catch some fun for the weekend. And the weekend starts on Thursday for some people, but Fridays are like the beginnings of the fun quest.


The aforementioned are just the general overview of what it is like to be in Lagos. So my quest begins as you read on.


It was Akintunde Akinleye’s photography exhibition last Sunday, and I was privileged to attend, a showcase of masterpieces and award-winning photographs. It indeed was worth attending. Held at Red Door Gallery, Victoria Island, Lagos, this is one of the nights where my love for photography was rekindled.

Jordan's Juice Akintunde-Akinyele

Jordan's Juice- Akintunde Akinyele


I combed through the nooks and crannies of this man’s art pieces right here in the gallery and I was wowed. It was like having an orgasm but this time, from humble, heartfelt, emotionally detailed, high-resolution pictures. It was simply put – INTRIGUING.

Jordan's Juice- Akintunde Akinyele

This particular photo below won the World Press Photo (Biggest Award For Photography), WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2007: 1st PRIZE SPOT NEWS SINGLE. In it, a Nigerian man rinses soot from his face at the scene of a petroleum gas pipeline explosion near Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos, Tuesday, December 26, 2006.


After all of my art lust, I met with a friend and we went on to Pizzeria. You should ask me what they do here. Pizzeria is located somewhere around Victoria Island as well, although, I can’t remember the exact street as I lost concentration while riding shotgun listening to the sonorous and melodious sound piercing through the car’s speakers. I mean, the voice of Sam Smith in his song “Leave Your Lover” threw me in a world of fantasy, a lonely Island, searching for what was not missing.


Here, I met a couple of new people and it apparently was like, I was supposed to be out this Sunday night, I mean, we was having business discussions over glasses of white wines and slices of hot double-layered pizza with cheese and vegetables. Such night, one would always cherish. Need I remind you, I had to work the next day? How Ironic.

More wine and some more wine, I was beginning to behave badly. I wasn’t physical but somewhere in my head, I needed to remind myself that my sanity is priceless.

Home I went, and how I got there, I can’t tell. I woke up the next morning with my heart racing because I was running late for work. But wait, let’s take it all in, I need to have breakfast. And guess what happened, breakfast was already waiting for me by the one who chose to be anonymous in this article.

I had a tad crisp toast and eggs with slices of strawberry. How great to start your day.

Jordan's Juice-Breakfast


I’d save you the stressful weekday stories. Let’s jump to what happens next, the fun stories.

I had a meeting at this hotel somewhere around Ikoyi part of Lagos called The WheatBaker Hotel.

The WheatBaker hotel offers the corporate traveller all the comfort and convenience of a luxury boutique hotel.  Lagos’ new premier exclusive hotel, is located in the residential heart of Ikoyi, Nigeria.

Situated nearby the Lagos business districts of Ikoyi and Victoria Island, it is placed perfectly for any traveller. Located only 35 km from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, The WheatBaker is destined to become Lagos’ top lifestyle, luxury accommodation, and entertainment address.

The WheatBaker


Jordan's Juice-The WheatBaker


Here, the environment was quite welcoming. Asides from the fact that the security personnel took their job seriously, they searched you like you are an immigrant coming into the U.S. Maybe I am exaggerating.


While having discussions with my friend, we discussed over a bottle of chilled white wine. I watched on as the wine connoisseur assigned to serve us, expertly placed the bottle of wine at an angle of 75 degrees, the perfect and most professional way to serve a glass of wine.


I looked away after my first sip, staring at the pool right in front of me and appreciating the smell of goodness that serenaded this pool area where I was seated with my friend.  I got so carried away that I failed to realise that a large pie of margarita pizza was already served.

Jordan's Juice-The WheatBaker

Even if you had a dull sense of smell, you’d still be able to perceive the aroma of this meal as it was freshly baked from the oven. The underground music of Joe’s “I Believe In You” serenaded the chilled atmosphere as I launched for just a slice of the pizza. This night was epic. On to the next……


On this night, I was visiting Freedom Park, for the second time. The first time I was here, I came in the company of Funmi Fagbemi. A goal-getter, we came to work on an artiste performing at the Afropolitan vibes. A stylist that she is, I was just her plus-one, more like her executive assistant for the night.


Freedom park is located in the CMS area of Lagos and it is for sure one of those places where you can go hang out after a long day at work, or while trying to wait for the traffic to subside before you head home.


Freedom Park Lagos, born out of the ruins of Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prisons, was reconstructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of the Nigerian People.
Freedom Park Lagos is a National Memorial, a Historical landmark, a Cultural site & an Arts and Recreation centre.  The project commemorated the 50th-anniversary independence celebration in October, 2010 in remembrance of the Nation’s foremost fathers for their patriotism which ultimately led to the Nation’s Independence from colonial masters. The Freedom Park is a Heritage Site.


Moving on to reality, here I was again, not as an executive assistant, but to have some fun perhaps see the play being directed by Nobel laureate winner, Professor Wole Soyinka. As I sat in the company of my friends, who apparently have been regular visitors of this “Fun Prison”, they decided to treat me to a nice time. We ordered some Chinese delicacies and sipped from our different glasses of white wine.


Before our order came through, I couldn’t help but walk around the park observing the beauty of this historical place. I walked into a particular building where I stumbled into Professor Wole Soyinka, although he was so busy, he still remained polite as he rejected my plight to take a picture with him on the basis that he was directing a play which was already in motion and he needed all level of concentration.

I was unbothered and at the same time carried away by his presence. His eloquence was resounding and his manner of approach? Classic! My iPhone came handy as I stood far away from him and then began my selfie serie. Sorry, I won’t share the pictures with you, but trust me, I can beat my chest to say I was photobombed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Just after the Professor left, I walked through a particular room where different paintings and canvases were on display. I loved the view. Need I let you know that I might be of a Science discipline, I loved, and would always love art!

Jordan's Juice Freedom Park Lagos Art

Jordan's Juice-Freedom Park Lagos Art

Jordan's Juice- freedom Park Lagos Art


I suddenly twigged that the egg fried rice and chicken in cashew nut sauce we ordered must have been ready. I dashed back to where our table was, which was just 5 minutes away from where I was. I literally couldn’t hold back the saliva already gaining in my mouth at the sight of the Chinese delicacy. I helped myself to a good time.

Jordan's Juice-Chinese Delicacy















It was worth it. I was back home bearing in mind that I’d love to have a repeat of this day.

The next night, we paid a visit to the Bush Bar. Located on Queen’s drive, Ikoyi Lagos. One particular thing that interests me about this place is the location:  On water. The sandy venue makes you feel like you are on the beach.

Again, you can spend your money wisely as things sold here are pocket-friendly. While enjoying the crisp chips and barbecued chicken I ordered, one can almost hear the fishes as they moved their swim-lined body in the not-crystal water. The night was gaining and I needed to go home to prepare for the surprise party I was invited for.

Jordan's Juice


I wasn’t in a haste to leave the Bush Bar cos I was enjoying every moment of it, but I needed to keep to time. I wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s surprise party by coming late or at the same time as the person the surprise was meant for.

Here we go, I headed to the venue of the party in the company of the person who invited me. At this party, there was enough to eat. From Pizza to Kish, to well-seasoned Barbecued chicken, Fried rice and some shots of (Insert your description of whatever makes you high here) to step down.

House music courtesy the in-house DJ, this party was flooded by Frenchs. We danced and married and made new friends bearing in mind that, ai I party, I also have to be smart enough to let people in on my life as a Writer and Content specialist for 360nobs.

Jordan's Juice
Eat till you drop.


I left this venue by some hours until morning. On getting home, I itched for my bed as sleep was already taking its toll on me. I couldn’t believe it was another weekend already. Oh wow.

How time flies so fast when you are having fun.

This is a wrap, hopefully, we have some more fun in the next edition. I need to jump into the pool as that’s the prize I set for myself for finishing this article.

You wanna see me in my sexy trunks while gunning for an Olympic medal for swimming? Keep in touch and don’t stop reading Jordan’s Juice. Please keep the kisses I left for you in the comments section.

PS: There is a new way of enjoying an article, it is called leaving comments in the comments section. 

Images – Jordan Abiola for Jordan’s Juice

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  3. Nice article really enjoyed reading it also makes me want to visit Lagos lol. Don’t mind following your blog if you keep posting beautiful articles like this.

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